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When you watch a movie over and over and over again, you tend to catch details that your mind skipped over before (most likely because you were too busy drooling over Jack/Will slash tendencies....). Seeing as this is around the eighth time you've seen this movie, you realize you've missed out on one of the best lines in the whole damn movie. Watch:

*Jack and Will are standing over Gibbs, buckets of water in their hands. Jack throws his on Gibbs. Gibbs wakes up and shout something, before reconizing Jack*

Gibbs: My first love! JACK!!

*cue friend and you looking at each other and falling over in hysterics.* Now all you want is a fanfic written completely around this line. But you realize you'll never get it. *sniff*

Oh well. You still love the movie anyway.
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Well, it wasn't an absolutely fantastic will win an Emmy/Oscar/Whatever someday type movie, but it was very, very entertaining. Well worth the twelve dollars I paid to see it (I bought my brothers ticket.)

When I first heard that Johnny Depp was going to be in it, I cringed and thought, "That's going to be a bad movie." There was no real reason for me to think this, because, quite frankly, I couldn't remember a single movie that I had seen with him in it. (I think I was confusing him in my mind with Keanu Reeves...*shudder*) I'm glad I found the PotC_Slash list, or else I wouldn't have been propelled to see it at all. (Aaaaaahhhh, pirate slash...*sighs*) And I must say, Johnny Depp was absolutely a-fucking-amazing in this film. Really, the most entertaining thing about the whole film was Captain Jack Sparrow, a lean, long-haired, drunk of a pirate, slightly mad, never serious and always humorous. With a big heart and some morals, because, let's face it, it's a Disney film.

In fact, this movie could have been like most recent Disney films: absolutely, horrendously, soul-crushingly, mind-boggingly revolting. There was just the right combination of romance, slashy goodness, plot, fantastic skeletal/human special effects, and Captain Jack Sparrow to make it highly entertaining. And I need a different word...ah well, que sera, sera. (AGGGGHHH!! EVIL DORIS DAYYYYY!) And really, as my dad says, there hasn't been a truly worthwhile pirate movie in like, fifty years. (Although "Sinbad" is also supposed to be good, and I do so love animated movies. And childrens movies. Except Disney, because Disney is eviiiiiiilllllll.)

Errr-jumping back onto my track, whatever it was-The movie was good and everyone should see it, and not because Orlando Bloom is in it. Although, that's a nice aside because he's cute and Jack/Will slash is utterly delectable. But because Johnny Depp did an awesomely astounding job and made the pirate genre good again. And try not to cringe too much during Elizabeth's and Norrington's scenes. Ugh. Two truly Disney characters. Although, Will is also a Disney character stereotype and that's probably why I didn't like him so much, except for his slash potential with Jack. And Jack was just breath-taking. And very obviously playing for the other team.


Now onto some quiz results and such! (Some of these don't have links, if you want them...I can try to hunt them down for you...)

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Thank you and good night! ^_^


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