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Things have been hella hectic around here recently. On 10/30, the family (my parents, brother, aunt, uncle, their kids and a friend) went to King's Dominion Halloween Haunt. I lucked out and my work was selling tickets for half off, so we ended up not having to pay $60 per. It was a lot of fun, but, seriously? I don't getting there when it opens at 10 am and leaving at 9:30 pm. That is just way too long. Although, we were able to ride some of the coasters with no real lines by going that early, so maybe going at 10 and then checking out for a couple of hours at a nearby hotel and going back for the evening stuff would be better.

Anyway, I did ride the Intimidator 305. Let me say, right here, right now: I LOVE roller coasters. LOVE THEM. I delight in climbing into their cars and strapping myself in. I won't say there isn't a single coaster I won't ride because the one where you stand the entire time has no appeal, but there are very few that, well, intimidate me.

And so it was with the Intimidator 305. I climbed in, strapped in, and got ready for an amazing right. And I was doing fine the entire 305 foot climb the apex, which is an 85 degree angle drop. We start going down! I scream! I...black out!? WHAFUH? Yes, y'all, I blacked out on the I305. I climbed out of that thing crying and moaning, "oh my God" over and over again. Now, I just need a t-shirt for that - "I blacked out on the Intimadtor 305!" It'd be epic.

The scary stuff later that evening wasn't so scary, but whenever you do that kind of thing, go with someone who is easily scared by it. It makes the experience that much more scary and weirdly more hilarious.


The following weekend, Karlene came for a visit to our nation's capital. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet up with her until after work on Friday, though she came in Thursday evening. And I had to finagle my way to get out early. So I spent a long, funfilled weekend wandering around, and getting lost in, the fun bits of DC. I also was able to meet up with Liz L. and Monique and Karlene's awesome friend Jen. We had a long, strange conversation on the ride home about the shitasticness that is Kaiser Permanente and the awesomeness that is hockey (hockey is awesome, why did no one tell me sooner?)


After two consecutive weekends of fun! Fun! FUN! I was unable to get back onto a regular exercise schedule. As such, I'm once again trying to slog through Week 6 Day 2. But, I actually looked forward to running today which is a switch from the past two weeks were knee/shin pain was making every attempt at run a misery. I didn't complete this workout, but considering the almost month long lapse in actual exercise, I'm counting today as a win anyway.

Except for the bit where a dog charged at me from her doorway, growling and "boofing" (not straight up barking, she was growling too much for that). I now understand why runners fear dogs. It's down right scary to have a large animal run up to you growling. I, being the brave soul that I am, came to a screeching halt. Yes, literally. I waited until the owner had her attention and then I bolted. Yet another street marked off my mental map of my neighborhood. *sigh*


Robin Hood was diagnosed with irritable bowl syndrome and I once again have a ferret that will be on medication for the rest of his life. At least this isn't fatal? *double sigh*

Farragut North has rings on his tail! Two of them and the very tip is dark gray so it could almost be considered the third. He's the cutest little thing.

I need to get pictures of them up soon.


Copenhagen/Stockholm/Oslo world wind tour 2012, y/y? Who needs stinkin' London Olympics!
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Vincent has liver cancer. He went in for a liver biopsy and the vet found cancer, not to mention quite a bit of blood in his abdomen). I left work to go visit him and when I got there I found him...

Well. Perky, for lack of a better word. When he saw me he immediately lifted his head and presented it for scritches. I held him for about 30 minutes and got to watch his stitches seep (something that had happened last time, so I wasn't horribly concerned). He didn't try to move much but he did jerk every time a dog barked. I put him down a couple of times and the second time he went to the litter box. It took a lot of effort, but he eventually managed to get all the way in and use it. Then he pulled himself out and crawled into the sack they had to sleep in. At that point, I decided it was time to go, and I'll be seeing the vet at about 4:30 to discuss his options.

To be honest, when I got there, I thought I'd either come to a) a dead ferret or b) something like what Baby did after his surgery (or the time he went into diabetic shock). I was quite surprised to see him awake and aware, especially considering the vet wasn't sure he was even going to wake up.

I was fully prepared to go ahead and let him go, but now I'm not so sure. If he has the possibility of a decent quality of life for the next however long, I want him to have it. If not, well. That's what we'll be discussing at 4:30. :/


Mar. 18th, 2010 07:36 pm
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After much agonizing (and being dicked around *again* by the ferret shelter), I am now the proud owner of two beautiful little disease weasels - Farragut North and Robin Hood. I brought them home and set them up in a pen in the library and they played a bit while Vincent sniffed around the outside. After a few minutes I put him in the pen with the others and they played and played. Vincent was very gentle despite the fact that Robin managed to pin him twice with no major repercussions. They even ate together with absolutely no issues (Vincent enjoying the soft food while the babies attacked the hard food). Barring a vet visit, I soon hope to have them all sleeping together.

As for my allergies, I have a plan - which mostly consists of looking into the possibility of allergy shots (which my insurance now covers) for the ferrets. I am very pleased with my two new little guys
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Okay guys, I have a dilemma.

As some may vaguely remember, I took one of my ferrets in for adrenal surgery last June that Did Not Go Well. At. All. Though I got two stories at the time, it looks like they're sticking with the one where he had a severe delayed allergic reaction either to the Bupronex (?) and ketamine, aka the anesthesia.

Now it looks like he has a rather large cystic mass either on his spleen or his prostate. Dr. C wasn't sure which it was attached to even after the ultra sound. The only way to find out definitively is to do exploratory surgery. As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm not thrilled with this prospect considering what happened the last time. Thus, my dilemma.

If it's the prostate cyst, it can be managed by Lupron and antibiotics (which is a struggle and a half to get into him). It sucks but it's not life threatening. On the other hand, if it's on his spleen and it ruptures, he'll bleed out. Eastern Exotics is a half hour away if I floor it in the middle of the night. The nearest emergency vet clinic doesn't see ferrets all that often.

My dilemma is this - do I do the surgery knowing that he almost didn't make it last time or do I just keep on keeping on and hope it isn't on his spleen? What would you do?

Pics of the Boys behind the cut )


Jul. 26th, 2008 03:39 pm
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One final update on the Baby drama -

We're pretty sure that Baby is as recovered as he is ever going to be. I still have to give him some medications (for ulcers) but other than that he is off all of the stuff he really hated. Nor will it be forever, thank God.

He's definitely brain damaged, though not to the extent that I thought he would be. He can walk (a little clumsily), eat, and drink on his own. He was even mock wrestling Vincent the other day (who was very gentle with him). It was so cute! He laid on his back nipping at Vincent, who stood over him nipping back. His scar has essentially healed so I put him and Vincent back together in their cage. Baby doesn't like to climb things anymore, so I'm hoping Vincent will teach him how.

He still does the stiff arm thing whenever I try to pick him up and put him in front of his soft food. How do you know you love your ferrets? You crunch up their hard food in a mortar and pestle every night so that they can eat wet food. I haven't bought a coffee grinder yet, mostly because I'm still hopeful that he'll start to eat his hard food on his own, but if he doesn't I will.

Vincent's been a real trooper about this. He still sulks, and he's gained a lot of weight, but I'm hoping that now they're back together in the cage, he'll calm down a bit. Last I checked in on them, they were curled up together asleep.
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First, let me just say how grateful I am for your support, guys. I really do appreciate it.

Anyway, I have good news...and bad news. The good news: he breathing and eating fine on his own and he's much more active. When I was talking to the vet, every time she would say something he would crawl to the back of the cage and when I would say something he would come back. When she wasn't there he immediately crawled over and stuck his head down my shirt. I had a low cut shirt on and he stuck his head right between my boobs and refused to move. In fact, every time I tried to lift him up, he would shove his head down further.

He actually ate some hard food while I was there and someone from Ferret Attitude actually saw him at Pender last night and he was drinking on his own. He stills seems to be in some pain, but it doesn't seem to be as agonizing as it was before.

The bad news: there's some brain damage, how severe it is, we're not sure yet. The twitch that I've been seeing (and attributing to heaving breathing) is a result from the fever he spiked after the surgery. Basically, his ears twitch forward, his eyes blink, and he front paws and one back paw all twitch at the same time. The vet is not sure if he's having mini seizures or what. We're also not sure on the severity of the twitch as as it actually gets worse as the medicine wears off (they've been keeping him heavily sedated).

Another thing they're worried about is if he is peeing on his own or if it's just leaking out as the bladder gets to full. I'm concerned, but considering he actually did pee on me last night a substantial amount without any poking or prodding on my part, I think he should be ok in that area. Also, there is less blood in his urine and the vet took him off the steroids. The ER vet did say that he pooped, and that it didn't look good - very loose and dark, with a red tinge. He's now on amoxicilin and something to help coat his intestines, just in case there are some ulcers to worry about.

I left him at SEAVS instead of taking him to Pender because he looked well enough to be on his own for the night. If he gets really restless before she goes home, the vet did say that she would take him home so that he could be monitored (he tore out his IV twice while I was there, the second time there was a lot of blood involved).
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Just got back from Pender - Baby's back in overnight care at the recommendation of my regular vet at SEAVS.

This morning was awful. I went to visit before work and he just laid in my lap, breathing hard, occasionally grunting in pain, very limp. Even his whiskers were droopy. The good news was that he was no longer stiff limbed, but the bad news was that they couldn't seem to manage his pain levels. If I moved him too much his back legs would stiffen up and he would grunt, so I'm thinking it's more of a pain reaction then anything else. He didn't seem to recognize me when I was there. I pretty much cried the entire time I was there (I don't deal with trauma stress well. Like, at all. I cry. A lot.) so I didn't talk to him much, but I did hold him and pet him and tried to hum at him a bit. He likes it when I sing.

But eventually I had to leave to go to work. So I placed him back in the cage, said my goodbyes, washed my face and ran out the door. I was running late, so I had to skip breakfast (my plan was to get Starbucks). As I was coming in, I met up with my new boss, Bob, was going in too, so I told him what had happened and he said, "If you need to go do something with your ferret, just go, no worries."

I get a call at 8:30 to come pick him up to be taken back to SEAVS as it would be best for them to give daily care since they know what went wrong. That was a verrrrry long trip. I didn't get back to the office until 10. At that point Baby had perked up a smidge and since I was driving him, I could sing to him. I looked over a couple of times, and sang to him and he would look at me intently with his head up. Once I stopped, he would put his head back down and close his eyes.

And of course I had fucking Our Lady Peace on and I was choking out lyrics like, "You are my life" and "Mother will you think of me in your prayers/This 21st century is a mess/Oh you can try to fix it/But it breaks..." and even "Might not make it home/Can't leave here tonight/Not afraid to live/Not afraid to die/And hey, leave a light on for me." Pretty shitty time for the MP3 player to stop working without any other CDs in the car. Singing about cheerful butterflies riding on sparkling winds would have been waaaaaaay preferable.

So I go about my day not doing a whole hell of a lot because there's NOTHING TO DO but surf the web, thinking everything is fine. Around 2:30 I start getting a funny feeling that something is not quite right in the world. I started feeling slightly suffocated, my left arm went numb, and my heart started to pound (it was the same feeling I got right before I was laid off). I ignored it successfully for about thirty minutes and then I just couldn't take it anymore - I had to call SEAVS. I just knew something was wrong with Bear.

So I call and yup, something is wrong with Bear. He still has all of the same problems he had when I took him back over but now he had blood in his pee and what sounded like fluid in his lungs/chest cavity. And then the vet said the dreaded words no one wants to hear about a loved one: there's a good chance he's going to pass on. There were a whole bunch of qualifiers and caveats to that, but the moment she said that it was all I could think about.

There is one thing I've learned this summer that I don't think I'll ever forget - it's fucking hard to drive while you're crying. This was the second time in two months that I found myself driving home in tears.

So I made it home in record time AND in one piece (a minor miracle considering I was bawling almost the entire time) and got ready to go back out again. Before I left I made sure to play with Vincent who has been vacillating between "'Hi, my name is Cloud Stife' depressed" and "'My teeth, let me show you them' anger". He really, really misses Baby. In the interim Dad came home so I told him what was going on and he offered to drive me to SEAVS so I can visit with Baby and take him to Pender.

So we leave about 5:15ish and get there around 6:00ish and go to see him. He looked much better. He was still have the same problem, but he looked more alert and his whiskers were no longer droopy. I brought an old t-shirt with me from the cage so that he could smell Vincent and hopefully be comforted by that. He still wasn't moving much, but he did respond to my voice and petting. In fact, when I left the room, he tried to crawl over to my dad when he couldn't find me anymore. He also eventually curled up as much as he could into the shirt.

And he peed on me. A lot. Which was actually good, because we could see that the blood in his urine was no longer there. He's still breathing hard and he seems to be in a lot of pain, but we're very cautiously optimistic that he's on the mend. I'm hoping and praying that it's not one of those last moments of feeling as normal as possible before dying as some pets do. So, yeah, very very cautiously optimistic. It's now a waiting game.

What the vet is thinking it was was that he had a delayed allergic reaction to the anesthesia, which caused his body to overheat (over 107 degrees) yesterday which sparked his laundry list of problems. We're still concerned that there might be neurological problems.

Anyway, guys, thanks so much for your support and thoughts. I really appreciate it.

Oh, Baby...

Jul. 9th, 2008 08:29 pm
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I took Baby in today for adrenal surgery. Dropped him off at 8:30 am and his surgery was scheduled for sometime mid-morning. I get a call around one-ish saying everything went well, he's still groggy, it was a tumor in the left adrenal gland which is good, can do a biopsy for an extra $150, etc. etc. Great, wonderful, I'll give you guys a call around four for an update.

I call. Suddenly it's not all sunshine and baby ferrets anymore. Now it's, oops we overheated him, he's making a gurgling sound when he breathes, we took an extra set of x-rays and they look clear, it's probably nothing but you'll probably want to have him monitored at a 24-hour facility just to be sure, so when can you pick him up?

[Wait, what? You overheated my ferret? Huh?] Um, when do you close?


Aaaaannnnd...do you know how many laws of physics I need to break to get there before five?

[In the background] I can take him over on my way home.

[Grrrr....] Yeah, let's do that.

Okay, Baby's going to Pender. Great, wonderful [except, you know, not]. I call them, give them my info, let them know he's coming, ask them to call me when he gets there, and leave work about 5:15. Get home about an hour later. Still no call.

I get a call at 6:30 saying he's there and settled in and they tell me something my regular vet neglected to tell me - he's forelegs are stiff. Back legs manipulate fine, front legs not so much. He just kinda sits there with his head up and his forelegs out in front of him. He also needs to be on IV fluids for pretty much the rest of the night to make sure he doesn't lose too much and will be in the ICU. And they're talking to me about neurological issues.

Wait, what? What the hell happened to my ferret? I take him in for adrenal surgery and now he has neurological issues? All is not well in the House of Herron.
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Yay! Jobbed! It's the one I mentioned in my last post - ok hours, good wages, nice people, and (and a really, really) sucky location. Herndon? Motherfuckin' HERNDON!?

So, now I'll be able to afford Baby's surgery instead of having to wait for a couple more months. Double yay! Now, I just need to schedule it. I'll need to take Baby from MP to Vienna, and then go from Vienna to Herndon all of which will most likely take place during rush hour. Normally, no traffic, it takes me 45 minutes to get to Vienna from MP. With traffic it becomes an hour plus. Supposedly it's only 21 minutes from SEAVS to the new job. (I don't doubt that, at say, TWO IN THE MORNING it takes 21 minutes, but rush? Hah! And again I say HAH!)

I do believe I have the market cornered in this particular circle of traffic hell. Or, triangle. Or whatever.
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The good news: I interviewed today for a temp position (4 months) with the option of being permanent if they can find a place for me when the person who is going on maternity leave will be back (deja vu, anyone?) in a sucky location (Herndon) but good pay.

The bad news: Baby has adrenal disease and the surgery estimate is $950 plus $74/month for Lupron shots onces the gland is removed.

Can I get a do-over on today? Please?


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