May. 26th, 2003 08:45 pm
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I'm on my laptop again! Yaaaaay! My laptop finally has internet! Of course it's a wireless connection, and therefore not as nice as cable would be, but, internet! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyy! I'm so happy...^_^

New Newtype today! Again Heather is very happy about this. Read through it all, and I was rather disappointed that the centerfold was the woman from "Onegai Teacher," which was, in my opinion, a pretty stupid show. Ack, my brother liked it though, but whatever. 9_9

I also bought some work clothes! Yay! There's a new store in Manassas Mall called H&M, and it has really cuuuuuuute clothes! ^__^
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...to work that is. I managed to spend eight hours and fifteen minutes being bored to tears today. Go me! Of course, my adventure just *had* to start out the wrong way. I was driving to work (about thirty mintues before I started so that I would have time to reorient myself to everything), and about a third of the way there, I realized that I hadn't remembered to bring my Driver's liscence. So, of course, I was like "oooooooh, *shit*!!" After cussing myself the whole way there, I got to work without any other trouble. You may be thinking, _that stupid idiot, if she had so much time, why didn't she just turn around and go home?_ Well, to tell you the truth, I hate driving with an absolute passion, and decided that it wouldn't be worth my while to do it. So, nyah. Anyway, I get there (it's now about 1:10, and I don't start til 1:30), and just jump right in! I love it there, and yet I *hate* it with an undying passion. I'm glad I don't have so many hours next month so that I can get a second job without too many conflicts with my first one. ^___^

Anyhoo, while I was at work, I decided to wander around the bookstore and saw just how much the "Graphic Novel" section had grown! I remember when it used to be one shelf in the *children's books*, now it has four cases all to itself, plus the kids-y ones in the Children's section. I was also happy to see the Manga "F.A.K.E" amongst the adult section. For those who don't know, FAKE is about a cop duo and is shounen-ai. Boy/boy love, baby! Wahoo! America's not as uptight as one would think! (Of course, they also made Kohaku in WISH by CLAMP a *girl* instead of a *guy*, so I'm not so sure just how far along we are yet, but we're getting there!

While at the VAPeddlar, I was talking to a co-worker, who is just about the biggest Southern belle you'll ever talk to. She has this really soft voice and accent, and she says, "Oh, my *word*!!" a lot. Picture such a person in the theatre watching "Bringing Down the House" with Steve Martin and Queen Latifa! Now that's just *funny*! I never would have thought of anything like that, ever in my life!


May. 10th, 2003 08:03 pm
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Too tired to think up of a title today. It was a rather lethargic day today, I didn't do a whole lot. I confirmed that yes, I was still working at VA Peddler (a measly three days this month, whoo! Go me! 9_9), and I also purchased Mother's Day gifts and the May edition of Newtype USA magazine. Heeeeeeeee! They had DNAngel in it!! Which is one of my favorite anime's, along with Fruits Basket, where the voice actress of Tohru spoke about playing her and Tohru's personality. Reading this magazine always gives me this insane urge to draw, although, in general, anime/manga always give me urges to draw something. I just wish that they looked half as good as the people in the magazine. *sigh* One day! One day I'll be able to color things correctly and make it look *good*. One day. *sings* Oooooooooover the raiiiiiiiiinboooooooooooowww....where dreams come truuuuuuuuuueeee...

*cough* Sometimes those types of things just need to come out.

Recently I've been wanting to watch all of Slayers again. I guess that's why I've been rereading much of the shounen-ai/yaoi fanfic recently. In fact, I'm doing it right now. Xelloss is so evil *smirk* It doesn't help that my family and I went to Edoya, which is a Japanese restaurant and I was listening to people talk in Japanese. Didn't understand a whole lot, but it did give me this wild urge to watch something animated.

I can't think of anything else of importance to say, so I think that I'll just shut up now. Heheheh.


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