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Jun. 7th, 2007 09:05 pm
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Well, I went to the allergist. There wasn't much help in that corner (couldn't even score a RX allergy pill and I actually asked for it! Shocking, I know.)...did say that the timing was suspicious (because it started up when I got the little guys), tho'. So that prompted the move of VnB from my room to the dining room. They did not take it well, at all. They moped the first day, and because I kept my door shut (no use in tempting fate, I know), they would scratch forlornly at the door. It was really pathetic in a really, really adorabibble way. I luff them so much. :D

Anyway, things have been pretty busy here. J.J. graduates from elementary to middle school on Wednesday, which will be fun. I missed D.D.'s induction into the JNHS because Auntie had the wrong time, so I hope I get to make it to this one.

Work has been a killer, but at least I've been busy instead of being bored, which is a good thing. Of course, part of the busy work is getting all of the term'd employee files into E2K which is frightfully and mind numbingly dull. But I rediscovered my Our Lady Peace CD's because of it, so I guess I can't complain about it that much. (Oh, who the hell am I kidding? IT BORING. SRSLY. I get to complain.) And I get to destroy all of the files over 7 years old, so it's been cool, sort of. It's been taking me a long while to get through it, mostly because I like to read the files before I put them away. I'm nosy like that - I guess in this case it's a good thing, because the E2K files really need to be updated. After I get done with the term'd employees, I guess I'll turn to the current employees to make sure their E2K files are up to date. I know I'm making more work for myself, but I think it will really help M. out in the future.

I'm once again seriously thinking about doing the motorcycle course and learning how to drive the damn thing. I already have the helmet, dammit, I should use it so it won't be a freaking waste of money! Maybe I can surprise my dad with it and we can finally go on that trip we've been thinking about. I know I'm a flake, but I really don't want to flake out on this.

I've also been thinking of going back to school, this time for the art degree that I wanted before. There's an open house soon at one of the Art Institute campuses that I think I should check out. Just to see. Maybe. <.< >.> We'll see. I really need something fun to do.

Date: 2007-06-08 04:33 pm (UTC)
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I'm sorry your allergist didn't help you. :( The thing I dislike about doctors is that they get paid whether they cure you or not. There should be a way to create something of a contingency-fee basis for doctors, where the patient only pays if the doctor fixes their problem. This would only work with easily-documented problems, like a skin rash.


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