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Now understand why people get addicted. Stop.

Send supplies. Stop.

...I can has job nao? Stop.

Fuckin' a. Stop.
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Having been given the WoW War Chest by Brandy and Shawn, I have finally installed it. Now, when B. told me that it would it take several hours, I thought he was kidding. The installation from the disks went fine, maybe an hour at the most. The patches? Took the rest of the night. Now, admittedly, I did get up and wander around the house for awhile while some of the patches were downloading, but when I got to the big 1.2GB patch at 4 am I decided enough was enough and I was going to bed.

Got up this morning, let ferrets out, ate breakfast, ate lunch, put ferrets away, came back upstairs. Continued on with the patches. After awhile, everything was finished and I was able to run around as Arnyek for awhile.

I had completely forgotten 1) where I was, 2) where everything was located, 3) what exactly I was doing there, and 4) if I push this button what happens again??

I'm beginning to see why people get addicted and play for hours on end - you have to play everyday just to remember exactly what it is you're *doing* there at given point.

But, I've paid for a month, goddammit, so I'm going to play.

Now, I just need to recreate Copfbafon and I'll be a happy panda. Hmm, I think I'll need a WoW icon...


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