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*People have been stealing our gas from our SUV and pick-up truck

*Thieves broke into a house up the street and stole $30,000 worth of valuables

*Eureka is still awesome and is rapidly becoming a ship show where it didn't use to be - I'll miss it being my non-ship show

*1% of the people who take the FSOT pass it, 1% of the people who take the OA pass it and only 1% actually get hired by State. I'm screwed, but I'm going to try anyway.

*A co-worker really does think I'm stupid. It's ok, I think he's an asshole.

*I really do attract creepy people, dammit all.

*My mom (finally!) quit her job.

*Dad moved over to his new job and is now back on shift work.
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The person I'm replacing encouraged me today to bring stuff to do. Like...books or my PSP or something. I'm beginning to dread this assignment. I hate, I absolutely hate, being bored at work.

...the people are friendly, at least? I guess?

It's only four months, it's only four months, it's only four months...(rinse, repeat, ad nauseum)
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Yay! Jobbed! It's the one I mentioned in my last post - ok hours, good wages, nice people, and (and a really, really) sucky location. Herndon? Motherfuckin' HERNDON!?

So, now I'll be able to afford Baby's surgery instead of having to wait for a couple more months. Double yay! Now, I just need to schedule it. I'll need to take Baby from MP to Vienna, and then go from Vienna to Herndon all of which will most likely take place during rush hour. Normally, no traffic, it takes me 45 minutes to get to Vienna from MP. With traffic it becomes an hour plus. Supposedly it's only 21 minutes from SEAVS to the new job. (I don't doubt that, at say, TWO IN THE MORNING it takes 21 minutes, but rush? Hah! And again I say HAH!)

I do believe I have the market cornered in this particular circle of traffic hell. Or, triangle. Or whatever.
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The good news: I interviewed today for a temp position (4 months) with the option of being permanent if they can find a place for me when the person who is going on maternity leave will be back (deja vu, anyone?) in a sucky location (Herndon) but good pay.

The bad news: Baby has adrenal disease and the surgery estimate is $950 plus $74/month for Lupron shots onces the gland is removed.

Can I get a do-over on today? Please?
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Had my first interview today - a phone interview with some one at a very small consulting firm in D.C. It went very well, although she didn't ask much about my previous experience. Anyway, it's a step in the right direction! So, yay!
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They fired me.

...I really would have liked to have it been my decision to leave.
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I think my boss is trying to get rid of me. Subtly and yet not at the same time. I know I'm a paranoid little cuss, but hear me out.

I got a call the other day that was so out of the blue that I do believe it came from Never Never Land. I didn't get it until today because I don't check my work messages everyday the way I should, mostly because the calls I usually get are from people wanting money from the company. This was not one of those calls.

It was from a headhunter and she wanted to speak with me about positions in the area...in the financial sector. Well that's all well and good, but...I haven't updated my resume in OVER A YEAR. There is NOTHING on my current resume to suggest that I have ANY financial background whatsoever (except for in the "she can handle a cash register and balance it" kind of way), mostly because my current job is not on my resume.

Also, because my current job is not on my resume, how the hell did she get my phone number? She said that I "had come highly recommended". Recommended by who? She's not the first headhunter to call me on my work phone. HOW are they getting my number? Who is giving it to them and why?

And it's not like these messages are generic. They say my name, they give details off my resume, etc. So they've at least looked at my resume and they know who they're calling. Now, admittedly, this person said that I would be good with financial stuff and yeah, I can run payroll and I'm good at balancing accounts and using Quickbooks and Excel but it's not like I have a degree in accounting.

My one year anniversary with my company is this Friday. It would really suck to learn that M. has been trying to push me out the door these past few weeks. But it would explain a lot.
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There's something greatly amusing about being a person who needs to clean herself and can't take a shower. Or bath. Or do anything in anyway to make my back wet or sweaty. One co-worker's comment was, "NO SEX FOR J00." To which I replied, "HEY I'M NOT ACTUALLY GETTING ANY."

Incidentally, these patches are in places where I would imagine wings would sprout if people could have wings. Having something taped down in these locations is slowly driving me nuts. But not because I think I'm reacting to the substances.


Nov. 17th, 2003 11:39 pm
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If I ever seem a bit faraway, bitchy or snappy, here's why:

Monday: Test due for Japanese (an apparently an application but no one did it so, oh, well) and Catering from 4-11. *done and done!*

Tuesday: Get Chapter 17 test for Japanese; practice violin; meeting with UReading seniors for interview; Home Before Morning discussion.

Wednesday: Violin lesson; Self-Defense; catering from 4:30-11 (all in a row with no real break); at some point study for d'Entremont's test.

Thursday: d'Entremont's test, supposedly catering from 1-4 but as I'll be taking a test...; CompPol readings along with Political Research.

Friday: Catering 4-? Japanese test due. Argh.

Saturday: Catering 8:30 (in the morning!) - 1. Ewww.

That's a basic schedule. I'm sure other things will crop up later.
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I feel like I haven't talked to anyone beyond my roommate in *days*. Days! *distress distress distress* This is what catering does to you. It takes you in and doesn't let go until you're sucked dry, your feet hurting, a cloud bogging down your mind, and all you want to do is either scream or sleep. Or both. And you know that if you do talk to someone that you know and like you'll end up just biting their heads off because you're so tired and frustrated and *angry*. It doesn't help that you're a closet control freak, especially considering that your mother has drilled into your head for many years that you always need to be your best at work.

Angry that you have stay for all hours of the evening. Angry at the rough treatment from the people you're catering for. Angry at the stupidity of your fellow "co-workers" even though you know you'll prolly make the same mistake later. But you finally get to the point where it doesn't matter; anything anyone does is just going to piss you off, no matter what. And you think that *that* is what makes you angry most of all.

As you try to hold in the shriek of frustration that has been building for hours, you finally manage to break away from catering, only slightly scarred this time. Shirt lose, knees bent to alleviate the strain on your throbbing feet, hair falling around your head messily, you climb the stairs back to your dorm and try to summon up the will to take a shower to erase the smell of kitchen off of you. Ultimately you decide that it isn't worth it and just flop into bed and before you go to sleep you have one single thought.

Catering. Sucks. Ass.

That being said, I just have one more thing to say: Brandy you suck. I hate you. Grah. Getting me into Shakira, what were you thinking? I *hate* pop! I mean, just because the songs are actually pretty good, with rather interesting lyrics, good beats, and a damn sexy voice, doesn't mean I have to like it. *pouts* Now see what you've made me do? Go all popular and crap that I thought I left behind a long time ago. I was from the table that didn't give a shit, dammit! ...and that means nothing to anyone, does it? Well, it'll be an amusing story for later, anyway.

And just to let you know, I really don't hate you Brandy. In fact, I luuu~uuurve you for letting me borrow your Shakira CD. *glomps*



Sep. 17th, 2003 08:29 pm
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Polishing silverware just sucks. It's not fun. I must comfort myself some Smarties. Hmmmm...sugary goodness. *stares at a packet* You are my crack.

I never want to own silver as long as I live.
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...it POURS. >_< At least, that the way it seems to happen here at MP. At around 4:30 my brother says, "It's going to storm." Then BOOOOOOOM, thunder rocks the house, and rain starts coming down in *buckets.* I, of course, have to leave for work in thirty minutes. Now, some storms will be there and gone within fifteen minutes. (Wow, I'm having a lot of trouble spelling today...perhaps I should type more...) Not this one, no siree. After donning my MPHS Band Wind Breaker(tm), I dash out to my dad's big silver pickup truck, vainly and rather stupidly hope that I won't get too wet. *sigh* Within the mintue it took to get me in the truck, I was throughly *soaked.* Well, my pants were, and so was the inside of the door that was open and all of my things. Luckily, I managed to think ahead and wore my sneakers instead of my sandals which I was going to wear for work. Now, why I didn't think to do that with my CLOTHES I couldn't tell you. So I'm driving along, desperately trying to find my way and turn up the windshield wipers at the same time. The reason I didn't pull over was because I was afraid that I might sideswipe a few cars if I tried, so I "winged" it and prayed I wouldn't hit anyone or anything.

So, I manage to fix the wipers and turn on my headlights, find some good tunes and make it through the first two traffic lights with out a problem. Sure, I'm practically hydroplaning down the hills, but it's all in good fun, and I haven't hit a single person yet. Then I come up to a really big problem...the light at Manassas Drive and Euclid Avenue is out. D'oh! Damn thing's blinking yellow on me!! And during rush hour too! So I pull up and wait for the people in the left turn lane across from me go, and as I'm waiting I decide to wait for the person next to me to go. Well, suddenly he starts, I, seeing that the road is clear, also put on the gas a little. Well, my dad's big silver truck must have a fuckin' V6 or 8 (or whatever the hell it is) engine cuz suddenly I'm out in the middle of the road! Which, generally would be fine, if it weren't, for, you know, the CARS heading RIGHT at me and the f-in' assholes aren't letting me pass!! )W*$#(%&$(*&@$%)($#%&$^)*#&$@(*%$($*#&q#@$@!!!! After I so graciously let them by I book it down towards the next light in my journey...

...which has just turned green. Yay! ^_^ No waiting. So, now I'm cruising along, at a comfortable 25mph...in a 35mph zone! Fuckin'A! What the hell does this guy think he's doing?? Being SAFE?!?!? Not when I'm on the road buddy! Go the fricking speed limit you asshole!! I could plow right into and not get so much a scratch! Don't make me want to! (Road rage, what road rage?) So, as I'm cussing out the moron in front of me, afraid to try to get around the guy cuz I can't see out the window to my left (I have a bad habit of cutting people off because I can't see them), when the asswipe finally turns off road as I'm coming up to the fifth light in my trek.

It always amazes me that in VA, people will SLOW DOWN to a GREEN LIGHT and SPEED UP to a RED LIGHT. It absolutely boggles the mind. I mean, seriously, do they think that speeding up to that red light will make it turn green faster? Do they think the lights see them and go, "Hey look, there's a red Mitsubishi 3000GT, speeding up to me while I'm still red, maybe I'll change to green now!" At which point the Mitsubishi 3000GT will promptly slow down, thus pissing off everyone else behind it. Anyway, I'm finally make the right at the fifth light and notice that the rain seems to be slowing down, which is a good thing because I'm starting to dry off and don't want to get any wetter before work.

Now I'm going about 35 in a 25mph zone, trying to make it to the eighth light in my journey. Once again VA Drivers PROVE that the just CANNOT drive in the rain. Now, I was scared shitless to be driving out in the monster monsoon that was raging outside, but at least I tried to obey the traffic laws. But noooooooo, people just have to get in my way. >:o *snarl growl snap* Managing to get passed the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and (soon to be) twelfh lights, I'm about 3/4 the way there. Luckily this time I'm at the head of the line and don't have to worry too much about going under the speed limit. I pass the now thirteenth light without to much of a hitch and am working towards the last two lights. (I'm counting so see how many light I go through to get to work...about fifteen, perhaps a few more that I'm missing, I think...)

I hit the first one on red...and we're at a complete stand still. Taking a moment to calm my already frayed and frazzled nerves, I stupidly decide to glance out the window and look at the street. It doesn't even look like there's a ROAD, it just seems like I'm driving on WATER. Not only that the rain has picked up again to the point where I really can't see out the windshield, it looks like I'm going to be sitting here for quite some time. It's also a given that I'll be sitting at the next light for a little while because I'm trying to make a left turn into the mall parking lot. Anyway, a trip that should only take about fifteen minutes just took about thirty minutes. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

So I make it around the turn go down towards the back of Manassas Mall, near the food court. It should only take a minute, minute and a half tops for me to get in the door because (for once) I didn't have to park waaaaaaaaaay out in the boon docks where there aren't even any street lights! Yay! As I'm attempting to dash, I sort of trip up on my pants which are practically falling down. It didn't much matter anyway cuz I was soaked within five seconds of stepping out of the vehicle. My pants were the worst...I got soaked all the way up to mid thigh, and the reason it didn't go any higher was because my jacket (which I grabbed on a whim) hit me at mid-thigh. *sigh* When I finally make it through the door, managers take one look at me and start *laughing*. Utterly embarrassed, I quickly locate a random hair dryer (hair dryer?? in a gift shop??) in the bathroom and attempt to dry my pants. It start it up and within a minute the damn things dead and now I have to go down to Target, visit the ATM, go into Debs and get new pants so I won't catch a cold. *sigh* The first black pants I grab were actually my size and fit fairly well and were a reasonable price, so I figured my evening was finally looking up.

Of course, I spent the rest of my time at work trying to not throw up, but that's a completely different non-story. 9_9

Anyhoo...I'd figure I'd share my evening. I think it's kinda funny NOW but dammit, five hours ago I wasn't laughing. Heeeeeee.....to cheer me up, I took a quiz and here are the results!

Which Fruits Basket Character are you?

Ritsu?? But I'm not a cross-dressing, hyper apologizing, weirdo!...am I?
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Or, in other words, been a while, yes? Not a whole lot has been going on in the wonderful world of Heather, tho', so I guess it's ok. At the moment, I'm sitting in my living room watching Stargate on Sci Fi. Richard Dean Anderson is so sexy. #^_^#

All I've been doing is really is work. My life is so unexciting. 9_9 Although, I was wrong about getting paid $6.00/hr. I'm getting paid $6.50/hr instead. Joy of joys. Although, it always makes me smile whenever my manager calls me "Baby Doll." Carol is so sweet. I love her, she's great. ^_^ I also have a special place in my heart for my co-workers, Peggy and Arlene, both of whom are over 50, and very Southern. I love hearing about Peggy's family and Arlene's cats. Talking to them helps me get over my fear of talking to elderly people, like my grandparents and Nana.

On a slightly different note, my mom didn't nay say my dad and I getting a motorcycle. The only stipulation is that we have to get a fourth car for me. Well, for my use. It really wouldn't be my car, per se, but there for the family, and I would take it down to college for me, like my brothers do w/ the SUV. One can only hope. ^_^

A couple days ago, I was reading a book on Wiccans and Witches. It was a partially an Almanac for 2003-2004. Every time I came across Bhuddism my heart did a little leap, as if to say, "That's what you're missing! That's what you need. Sadly, however, I don't think I could ever truly make a conversion from Christianity to Bhuddism, I believe in God and Jesus Christ too much. Although, as soon as I have a free moment, I think I'll go to the library and find out more about the different sects of Bhuddism and what it is all about. I only know a little right now, and I think I need to know more. Actually, I know I need to know more...I wonder how my parents would take it if I switched religions? Actually, I think the person I would really have to convince would be my twin brother, Travis. He's really closed minded about many things, no matter what he says.

My aunt got a new dog! It's a Welsh Corgi, which is fitting, because their last name is Welsh. It's soooooo cute. Generally, they look like dogs that have had their legs cut off, but he was adorable. Of course, puppies generally are, it's the actually doggies that may or may not look cute. Although, Shawnie, our dog, is still hyper-cute. ^___^ I love Shawn. She's so sweet.
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...to work that is. I managed to spend eight hours and fifteen minutes being bored to tears today. Go me! Of course, my adventure just *had* to start out the wrong way. I was driving to work (about thirty mintues before I started so that I would have time to reorient myself to everything), and about a third of the way there, I realized that I hadn't remembered to bring my Driver's liscence. So, of course, I was like "oooooooh, *shit*!!" After cussing myself the whole way there, I got to work without any other trouble. You may be thinking, _that stupid idiot, if she had so much time, why didn't she just turn around and go home?_ Well, to tell you the truth, I hate driving with an absolute passion, and decided that it wouldn't be worth my while to do it. So, nyah. Anyway, I get there (it's now about 1:10, and I don't start til 1:30), and just jump right in! I love it there, and yet I *hate* it with an undying passion. I'm glad I don't have so many hours next month so that I can get a second job without too many conflicts with my first one. ^___^

Anyhoo, while I was at work, I decided to wander around the bookstore and saw just how much the "Graphic Novel" section had grown! I remember when it used to be one shelf in the *children's books*, now it has four cases all to itself, plus the kids-y ones in the Children's section. I was also happy to see the Manga "F.A.K.E" amongst the adult section. For those who don't know, FAKE is about a cop duo and is shounen-ai. Boy/boy love, baby! Wahoo! America's not as uptight as one would think! (Of course, they also made Kohaku in WISH by CLAMP a *girl* instead of a *guy*, so I'm not so sure just how far along we are yet, but we're getting there!

While at the VAPeddlar, I was talking to a co-worker, who is just about the biggest Southern belle you'll ever talk to. She has this really soft voice and accent, and she says, "Oh, my *word*!!" a lot. Picture such a person in the theatre watching "Bringing Down the House" with Steve Martin and Queen Latifa! Now that's just *funny*! I never would have thought of anything like that, ever in my life!


May. 10th, 2003 08:03 pm
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Too tired to think up of a title today. It was a rather lethargic day today, I didn't do a whole lot. I confirmed that yes, I was still working at VA Peddler (a measly three days this month, whoo! Go me! 9_9), and I also purchased Mother's Day gifts and the May edition of Newtype USA magazine. Heeeeeeeee! They had DNAngel in it!! Which is one of my favorite anime's, along with Fruits Basket, where the voice actress of Tohru spoke about playing her and Tohru's personality. Reading this magazine always gives me this insane urge to draw, although, in general, anime/manga always give me urges to draw something. I just wish that they looked half as good as the people in the magazine. *sigh* One day! One day I'll be able to color things correctly and make it look *good*. One day. *sings* Oooooooooover the raiiiiiiiiinboooooooooooowww....where dreams come truuuuuuuuuueeee...

*cough* Sometimes those types of things just need to come out.

Recently I've been wanting to watch all of Slayers again. I guess that's why I've been rereading much of the shounen-ai/yaoi fanfic recently. In fact, I'm doing it right now. Xelloss is so evil *smirk* It doesn't help that my family and I went to Edoya, which is a Japanese restaurant and I was listening to people talk in Japanese. Didn't understand a whole lot, but it did give me this wild urge to watch something animated.

I can't think of anything else of importance to say, so I think that I'll just shut up now. Heheheh.
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I'm home! I'm home home home home home!!! Yay! Of course, I have a lot of room cleaning to do, work time to set up, unpacking to do, but I'm home again! (Home again, jiggidy-jig!) Although, I didn't manage to say goodbye to Andrea Joy ad Jatanna (I'm pretty sure I just spelled her name wrong.) But I did manage to wave bye to Brandy. The funny thing is I thought that my dad would bring the pickup truck, because it has a lot more room, but instead he brought the Rodeo, which is three times smaller! *sniff* It was a squeeze but we managed to get everything in there. Next semester, I'm not bringing as much stuff back. *grrrr*

I'll probably start work on Sunday, which is Mother's Day, and continue to look for a second job. But I hear Fat Punks is hiring, so I may look up there, or I may work for two different places in the mall. VA Peddler just doesn't pay enough. -_- Oh well. At least I'm home now!

I just heard that my next door neighbor is moving away on the fifteenth! Wah! I like them, they were good people. I wonder what our new neighboors will be like. *sigh* Things sure are changing around here. I'm not sure I like it all. I mean, does PWC really need a Super Wal-Mart? I mean, c'mon, does the WORLD need another Super Wal-Mart?? *shakes head* Seems like a bad idea all around to me.


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