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I knew today was going to suck when I woke up to my second alarm (having not even heard the first alarm) and immediately thought, "What day is it?" I was in a fugue state for most of the rest of the day.

The reason? I took Brandon to Urgent Care last night in Falls Church for chest pains, because I (nominally) knew where it was. DC Metro traffic struck again, and it took us almost an hour to get there, despite the fact that we were going in the opposite direction of (most) rush hour traffic. Whoo. Got home late last night and was just bloody tired all day. Felt like I didn't really do any work all day.

They checked him out, did an EKG, took an x-ray, and proclaimed him "fine." The reason for his chest pain? "Slightly higher then normal blood pressure." I don't know about you, but I don't buy it.

I will say this, if you ever need to see a doctor right away and the emergency room is packed? Complain of chest pains. He checked in and a minute later he was taken to the back.
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I'm so fucking sick of snow. Snow all last week. Snow last weekend. Snow today. Snow tomorrow. Snow this weekend. Snow next week. Snow snow snow SNOW! D:< ARGH. EFFING SNOW CAN MELT NOW, KTHX.

It doubly sucks because MP goes into "Snow Emergency" mode at the first sign of "significant" (re: 3-6 inches of) accumulations, which means we have to cram the Mitsubishi, my car, and the dad's Tundra into our driveway or suffer the consequences. Stupid snow emergency route that goes NOWHERE. Literally goes to a dead end.

At least I've gained some driving chops in snow considering my adventures on I-270/I-495/I-66 when I came home from PA on Saturday. Amazing how much better my car does when the ABS breaks and the parking break engage all at once and stay on while driving. Very little sliding or fishtailing after that.

In ferret related news, I'm very worried about Vincent. Poor little guy seems so lonely without Baby. He's not really eating or drinking or playing, and now he's lost a significant amount of weight in the week that I was gone. I'm sure not having Baby to sleep with and then me not being around for a week didn't help. I'm going to have to make an appointment for him tomorrow (if they're open) and maybe see about getting him a companion from a rescue in the area. But I don't know if it would make it worse or better. :(

In HAPPY news, Travis has finally joined the ranks of the GAINFULLY EMPLOYED! WHOO! I'll probably never see him (he works night shift 7pm-7am, ugh) but finally gainfully employed! We're all very happy with this development. As for me, they're looking into adding additional responsibilities to my job description to help out in other parts of my office. But that won't happen until the May/June time frame (which would be right around the time I supposedly get my yearly review back...). This might mean certain folks get contacted by investigators again (sorry, guys, I know it's pain [trust me, I *know* it's a pain 9_9]). We'll see.

Hmm. Need to get to bed. Although, I might just take tomorrow off if we get liberal leave. It wasn't much fun driving out in there tonight, I can't imagine how it'll be at 5:30 tomorrow morning...
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It's such a quaint...cute little town. So teeny. And tiny. And these people are so without a clue as to what, exactly, they want us to do, besides "help." Whatever that means.

The trip up was mostly uneventual, excepting the pouring down rain.

Bah. I'm too tired to think of what I actually want to talk about here. Hmph. It's been a weir day.
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To everyone who has commented on everything that's happened this past week and half, I thank you. I'm probably not going to reply to the posts because it's just too hard to think about right now. Also, I realize now that the picture I put up wasn't perhaps the best - just know that that picture was taken about two and half years ago, and he was just rolling around on the couch.

Life has been a little weird since Baby crossed "The Rainbow Bridge." The most heartbreaking thing about this has been Vincent's inability to understand that Baby isn't coming back - every time I let him out of the cage, he circles the house looking for him, checking all of his favorite sleeping spots and gets really depressed when he can't find him. He's not really eating and only sporadically drinking, so I'm worried about my Mister. I'm not really sure what to do about it - if I should get another ferret or not as a companion (and maybe a distraction.)

Either way, a decision like that will have to wait until next weekend. Tomorrow I head off to the wilds of Pennsylvania to help out Altegrity's IT department with the launch of a new software initiative. I'm not entirely sure what the heck I'll be doing up there - I think it has something to do with the Help Desk - but I'll be there.

I'm told it is quite literally the back end of nowhere. It's about an hour north of Pittsburgh (and my hotel is about 45 minutes north of that), I'm expecting it to be a) cold, b) snowy, and c) kinda boring. Yay lake effect snow. I return on Saturday (though my co-workers are coming back Friday night, I thought, since it's roughly six hours away, staying until Saturday would be a better idea as I don't want to be a schmear on the pavement Friday night). We'll see how this goes.
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Eight inches of snow and counting. We're expected to get something in the range of 15 to 22 inches before it's all over.

And I'm stuck here with a cold. And very little cold medicine. I slept for twelve hours last night and the cold and the wet make me want to sleep some more, but I think I'll stay up for a bit so my schedule doesn't get completely screwed.


Last weekend I went down to Williamsburg and Virginia Beach - Williamsburg to sing at Bruton Parish (which was lovely, if fraught with mistakes; I choked on some food two hours before the concert and had a catch in my throat the whole time) and I spent the night at the Lord Paget hotel. Sadly, I had a room next to Becky's and I got to listen to her bitch about everything that went wrong in the concert, bless her heart.

The next day I went over to Flo and Sam's and spent the day with Flo and Karlene. We hung about the apartment watching The West Wing (one of my favorite shows of all times), before we decided to head to the outlets. On the way home from the outlets we stopped at a ginormous Yankee Candle Store and managed to spend quite a bit of time there without actually sniffing their currently available scents. We did, however, take a look at their clearance room, the candy shop, the general store, and the year round winter holiday scene. It was built on the inside to look like a small village - I think it would be a fun place to go whenever it's really crappy outside just to have something bright and cheerful to go to.

After an amazing curry dinner cooked by Flo (which was awesome and delicious) we headed out to Busch Gardens Christmas Town (? - WETH it's called). That was fun, if a bit cold. My parents were there as well but we didn't actually see them while we wandered around. Turns out that in Germany you could buy real Wassail in a very lovely glass mug instead of just hot chocolate in a decent plastic one. Oh well. Very few of the rides were open, but Darkastle (which actually scared me, but it was a lot of fun) and the bumper cars were - something that I've never done before. So on that cold, wintry night I bumped people's cars and had an all around good time smacking the hell out of ten year olds in their vehicles. >:D

(Unfortunately, I did manage to hurt my neck to the point that by Monday I couldn't move my head well enough to drive safely, but still I had to go pick up my ferts and go to the dentist and finish shopping and then Tuesday was work and it was even worse until I remembered that I still had percoset and mega doses of ibuprofen from the root canal so I took some and by Wednesday it was much much better.)

After that we wandered around and saw the sights of the various countries. We watched the awesomely funny Tannenbaum show in Germany (I have no idea why we found it hilarious, but watching the lights on the tree and the surrounding areas was pretty funny). We drank our hot cocoa and listened to a man with an accordion sing Christmas carols, and took the train ride and all around had a good time. The last things we did were a) start a trend of standing on chairs next to the heat lamps and b) eat funnel cake. Sam apparently never had funnel cake before but since I made it to 25 without riding on bumper cars, I do not judge.

After that we went home to watch more TV until it was time for bed. (At which point I got a spectacular nose bleed, and Karlene had me shove q-tips up my nose and then she promptly laughed. Okay, it was pretty funny.) Once that was over, we went to bed, and I slept like the day.

Then Karlene and I drove down to Virginia Beach where we went on this tour of historical houses in the area. Karlene kept mentioning that she had never even knew that most of the houses were there. I didn't either, to be honest, but then I don't know much about Virginia Beach beyond that there's a) a beach, b) friends of mine live there, and c) Busch Gardens isn't too far. Unfortunately by the time were we getting close to done, my stupid digestive system kicked in and I started having a hypoglycemic attack. Flo's admittedly delicious breakfast did not tide me over and we missed lunch due to the tour. :( So, I was a bit cranky (sorry Karlene) by the end. And since some of the houses were privately owned, I didn't feel right taking pictures beyond the outside of the house.

After, I went to check in at my hotel then met with Karlene and Jessie to eat some Greek food. (It was delicious. I love Greek food and we don't have a Greek-only restaurant near me (it's Italian/Greek food), I'd have to go into DC, which just ugh, sometimes.) After an evening of good conversation and food, we all headed our separate ways and I went back to the hotel and watched a special on the wild pig/boar epidemic in the US before crashing hard. Goddamn I love king size beds. A drunk guy tried to get into my room that night and we lost power at some point, but over all it was nice experience.

When I woke up I took a walk along the board walk/beach for about fifteen blocks. My original intent was to go to the Old Coast Guard house, but that didn't open until noon, and I was to be having lunch with Jessie and Karlene, so I didn't get to see it. Oh, well, there's always next time. It was drizzling when I started my walk, and on the way back it was out and out raining, so I got a little soaked. I went back to the hotel to dry off and watch a show about the presidents of the US (when I got home Travis was watching the same special, which made me laugh) before heading out to lunch. If I have one complaint about Virginia Beach it's this - they know that they are at or below sea level in some places, why in God's name are their roads so damn prone to flooding? Shouldn't that have been a consideration when constructing them?

After a delightful lunch it was time to head home. Man, I wish I could see them more often. I need to make an effort to get down there at least once year. Maybe that'll be a life resolution, or something.


When I got to work on Tuesday, big developments happened in the office - Mark had quit, so we shuffled our desks around. I got his old desk, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it because I don't get as much work done back there. But it's nice to not have people walking behind me all the time (I hate that). We also had won a new contract, and I was one of the people who is included on that contract. My one substantive contribution was not to use the red folders (we're processing case work for the Wounded Warriors and instead use purple (i.e. purple hearts). The red would've been too gauche.
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Drive by posting:

* Work continues apace; have essentially learned the job, now just putting it into practice. Boss on vacation, all alone next week.

* Spent most of the day sick as a dog, threw up my breakfast twice and my lunch. Damn migraines.

* Felt better by four in the afternoon. Tickety-boo, as it were.

* Baby seems ok, have opted for the wait and see plan, however, I think the blood is back in his urine.

* Car overdue for maintenance, can't afford to take it in yet. :(

* Am really, really happy to be earning paycheck once again.

* Received first ticket from state police a week ago; HOV violation. Goddamn HOV.

* Also, Sarah Haskins is hilarious. That is all.
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Today I had to sit through an hour and half long meeting for company benefits for a company that I don't work for! Or receive any benefits from! Or anything!

Blarg blarg blarg.

Job hunting goes slowly. My current boss heard that I wanted to move away from here and pinged ac couple of people he knows that may need people down in the Norfolk area, which is nice but probably won't amount to anything.

And with the Lehman Brother's debacle on Wall Street, I have a feeling job hunting is only going to get harder from here on out.

...maybe I should start calling the people back who want to discuss my job opportunities. I just don't want to stay here in the DC metro area anymore. D;


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