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Things have been hella hectic around here recently. On 10/30, the family (my parents, brother, aunt, uncle, their kids and a friend) went to King's Dominion Halloween Haunt. I lucked out and my work was selling tickets for half off, so we ended up not having to pay $60 per. It was a lot of fun, but, seriously? I don't getting there when it opens at 10 am and leaving at 9:30 pm. That is just way too long. Although, we were able to ride some of the coasters with no real lines by going that early, so maybe going at 10 and then checking out for a couple of hours at a nearby hotel and going back for the evening stuff would be better.

Anyway, I did ride the Intimidator 305. Let me say, right here, right now: I LOVE roller coasters. LOVE THEM. I delight in climbing into their cars and strapping myself in. I won't say there isn't a single coaster I won't ride because the one where you stand the entire time has no appeal, but there are very few that, well, intimidate me.

And so it was with the Intimidator 305. I climbed in, strapped in, and got ready for an amazing right. And I was doing fine the entire 305 foot climb the apex, which is an 85 degree angle drop. We start going down! I scream! I...black out!? WHAFUH? Yes, y'all, I blacked out on the I305. I climbed out of that thing crying and moaning, "oh my God" over and over again. Now, I just need a t-shirt for that - "I blacked out on the Intimadtor 305!" It'd be epic.

The scary stuff later that evening wasn't so scary, but whenever you do that kind of thing, go with someone who is easily scared by it. It makes the experience that much more scary and weirdly more hilarious.


The following weekend, Karlene came for a visit to our nation's capital. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet up with her until after work on Friday, though she came in Thursday evening. And I had to finagle my way to get out early. So I spent a long, funfilled weekend wandering around, and getting lost in, the fun bits of DC. I also was able to meet up with Liz L. and Monique and Karlene's awesome friend Jen. We had a long, strange conversation on the ride home about the shitasticness that is Kaiser Permanente and the awesomeness that is hockey (hockey is awesome, why did no one tell me sooner?)


After two consecutive weekends of fun! Fun! FUN! I was unable to get back onto a regular exercise schedule. As such, I'm once again trying to slog through Week 6 Day 2. But, I actually looked forward to running today which is a switch from the past two weeks were knee/shin pain was making every attempt at run a misery. I didn't complete this workout, but considering the almost month long lapse in actual exercise, I'm counting today as a win anyway.

Except for the bit where a dog charged at me from her doorway, growling and "boofing" (not straight up barking, she was growling too much for that). I now understand why runners fear dogs. It's down right scary to have a large animal run up to you growling. I, being the brave soul that I am, came to a screeching halt. Yes, literally. I waited until the owner had her attention and then I bolted. Yet another street marked off my mental map of my neighborhood. *sigh*


Robin Hood was diagnosed with irritable bowl syndrome and I once again have a ferret that will be on medication for the rest of his life. At least this isn't fatal? *double sigh*

Farragut North has rings on his tail! Two of them and the very tip is dark gray so it could almost be considered the third. He's the cutest little thing.

I need to get pictures of them up soon.


Copenhagen/Stockholm/Oslo world wind tour 2012, y/y? Who needs stinkin' London Olympics!
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This morning I dreamt of Vincent so vividly as my craggy, cranky old man with Christmas bells tied to his tail and him all puffed and being told that he only had a couple of weeks to live, that it was a punch in the gut when I woke only to realize that I couldn't go downstairs to cuddle the bad dream away because he was already gone.

What a crappy way to wake up.
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Vincent has liver cancer. He went in for a liver biopsy and the vet found cancer, not to mention quite a bit of blood in his abdomen). I left work to go visit him and when I got there I found him...

Well. Perky, for lack of a better word. When he saw me he immediately lifted his head and presented it for scritches. I held him for about 30 minutes and got to watch his stitches seep (something that had happened last time, so I wasn't horribly concerned). He didn't try to move much but he did jerk every time a dog barked. I put him down a couple of times and the second time he went to the litter box. It took a lot of effort, but he eventually managed to get all the way in and use it. Then he pulled himself out and crawled into the sack they had to sleep in. At that point, I decided it was time to go, and I'll be seeing the vet at about 4:30 to discuss his options.

To be honest, when I got there, I thought I'd either come to a) a dead ferret or b) something like what Baby did after his surgery (or the time he went into diabetic shock). I was quite surprised to see him awake and aware, especially considering the vet wasn't sure he was even going to wake up.

I was fully prepared to go ahead and let him go, but now I'm not so sure. If he has the possibility of a decent quality of life for the next however long, I want him to have it. If not, well. That's what we'll be discussing at 4:30. :/


Mar. 18th, 2010 07:36 pm
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After much agonizing (and being dicked around *again* by the ferret shelter), I am now the proud owner of two beautiful little disease weasels - Farragut North and Robin Hood. I brought them home and set them up in a pen in the library and they played a bit while Vincent sniffed around the outside. After a few minutes I put him in the pen with the others and they played and played. Vincent was very gentle despite the fact that Robin managed to pin him twice with no major repercussions. They even ate together with absolutely no issues (Vincent enjoying the soft food while the babies attacked the hard food). Barring a vet visit, I soon hope to have them all sleeping together.

As for my allergies, I have a plan - which mostly consists of looking into the possibility of allergy shots (which my insurance now covers) for the ferrets. I am very pleased with my two new little guys
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I'm so fucking sick of snow. Snow all last week. Snow last weekend. Snow today. Snow tomorrow. Snow this weekend. Snow next week. Snow snow snow SNOW! D:< ARGH. EFFING SNOW CAN MELT NOW, KTHX.

It doubly sucks because MP goes into "Snow Emergency" mode at the first sign of "significant" (re: 3-6 inches of) accumulations, which means we have to cram the Mitsubishi, my car, and the dad's Tundra into our driveway or suffer the consequences. Stupid snow emergency route that goes NOWHERE. Literally goes to a dead end.

At least I've gained some driving chops in snow considering my adventures on I-270/I-495/I-66 when I came home from PA on Saturday. Amazing how much better my car does when the ABS breaks and the parking break engage all at once and stay on while driving. Very little sliding or fishtailing after that.

In ferret related news, I'm very worried about Vincent. Poor little guy seems so lonely without Baby. He's not really eating or drinking or playing, and now he's lost a significant amount of weight in the week that I was gone. I'm sure not having Baby to sleep with and then me not being around for a week didn't help. I'm going to have to make an appointment for him tomorrow (if they're open) and maybe see about getting him a companion from a rescue in the area. But I don't know if it would make it worse or better. :(

In HAPPY news, Travis has finally joined the ranks of the GAINFULLY EMPLOYED! WHOO! I'll probably never see him (he works night shift 7pm-7am, ugh) but finally gainfully employed! We're all very happy with this development. As for me, they're looking into adding additional responsibilities to my job description to help out in other parts of my office. But that won't happen until the May/June time frame (which would be right around the time I supposedly get my yearly review back...). This might mean certain folks get contacted by investigators again (sorry, guys, I know it's pain [trust me, I *know* it's a pain 9_9]). We'll see.

Hmm. Need to get to bed. Although, I might just take tomorrow off if we get liberal leave. It wasn't much fun driving out in there tonight, I can't imagine how it'll be at 5:30 tomorrow morning...
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To everyone who has commented on everything that's happened this past week and half, I thank you. I'm probably not going to reply to the posts because it's just too hard to think about right now. Also, I realize now that the picture I put up wasn't perhaps the best - just know that that picture was taken about two and half years ago, and he was just rolling around on the couch.

Life has been a little weird since Baby crossed "The Rainbow Bridge." The most heartbreaking thing about this has been Vincent's inability to understand that Baby isn't coming back - every time I let him out of the cage, he circles the house looking for him, checking all of his favorite sleeping spots and gets really depressed when he can't find him. He's not really eating and only sporadically drinking, so I'm worried about my Mister. I'm not really sure what to do about it - if I should get another ferret or not as a companion (and maybe a distraction.)

Either way, a decision like that will have to wait until next weekend. Tomorrow I head off to the wilds of Pennsylvania to help out Altegrity's IT department with the launch of a new software initiative. I'm not entirely sure what the heck I'll be doing up there - I think it has something to do with the Help Desk - but I'll be there.

I'm told it is quite literally the back end of nowhere. It's about an hour north of Pittsburgh (and my hotel is about 45 minutes north of that), I'm expecting it to be a) cold, b) snowy, and c) kinda boring. Yay lake effect snow. I return on Saturday (though my co-workers are coming back Friday night, I thought, since it's roughly six hours away, staying until Saturday would be a better idea as I don't want to be a schmear on the pavement Friday night). We'll see how this goes.
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Playing on the Couch

Rest in peace, sweetheart.
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I bought a betta fish today. He's dark blue and gorgeous. I hope he lasts longer in this house than the last one. It helps that I'm going to keep him in my room where the cat rarely goes unless I'm in here. I'm glad to have a pet that can keep me company in my room again. And he's ridiculously cheap compared to the ferrets. But I still love my boys.

I've decided to name him Sven, because my mom didn't like the name Then. Also - why do I seem to keep on getting male pets...?
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Okay guys, I have a dilemma.

As some may vaguely remember, I took one of my ferrets in for adrenal surgery last June that Did Not Go Well. At. All. Though I got two stories at the time, it looks like they're sticking with the one where he had a severe delayed allergic reaction either to the Bupronex (?) and ketamine, aka the anesthesia.

Now it looks like he has a rather large cystic mass either on his spleen or his prostate. Dr. C wasn't sure which it was attached to even after the ultra sound. The only way to find out definitively is to do exploratory surgery. As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm not thrilled with this prospect considering what happened the last time. Thus, my dilemma.

If it's the prostate cyst, it can be managed by Lupron and antibiotics (which is a struggle and a half to get into him). It sucks but it's not life threatening. On the other hand, if it's on his spleen and it ruptures, he'll bleed out. Eastern Exotics is a half hour away if I floor it in the middle of the night. The nearest emergency vet clinic doesn't see ferrets all that often.

My dilemma is this - do I do the surgery knowing that he almost didn't make it last time or do I just keep on keeping on and hope it isn't on his spleen? What would you do?

Pics of the Boys behind the cut )
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ETA: Ferrets have been found! My mom went outside and started talking (after I told her what I saw) to the fert, and a big brown hob came right up to her (I called, but he didn't come to me). Then, when we were getting the extra cage from the basement, I told her that that wasn't the ferret I saw...and I was right. When we were getting the cage outside to take up the deck, I saw the silver ferret that I had seen earlier back in their yard. I ran over talking softly to her, and she flinched every time I spoke. So I slowed down and walked over silently, and she let me pick her up. She was sooo small!

Unfortunately, the owner saw me in his yard, and exclaimed over the ferret and how they had been "lost" a few days ago when they were cleaning the cage...I had to give her back. And the other one, because I told him that we had found both, without thinking. He apparently doesn't like them, but his brother, who owns them, does. The rest of the family is already back in NY. We did offer to take them in, if they didn't want them anymore...but no dice. I hope they really do have a good home. Their fur felt nice and soft, and they didn't look sick, but they were out for a couple of days, and they were *thin*.

Since they weren't mine, I had to give them back, but I hope it really was the right thing to do.


So, I have neighbors who I'm not particularly fond of due to some things they've done, but they're leaving, so yay! But I just saw something that made me actually hate them.

I noticed the other day that they had a wire cage outside. It looked like it could have housed a rabbit or ferret. I thought it might be a ferret since there was also a clear plastic ball that could hold a ferret inside (evil!). Since our yards are separated by a fence, I didn't look into it too closely, other than to hope that whatever pet they had wasn't still in that cage, hopefully it had passed on and wasn't getting RAINED on or sitting out in OPPRESSIVE HEAT.

I was right, it's not in the cage - it's in the yard. And it is indeed a ferret. When I first saw it, I thought it might have been a squirrel (it was gray and white) rolling around in the grass, but then it sat up in classic ferret fashion. I ran outside to try to get it and bring it to my house (I have an extra cage available to house it). By the time I got outside, it had already disappeared into the woods behind our house.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can perhaps catch this ferret? I'm pretty sure it's not wild, as VA doesn't have wild ferrets, but it really doesn't seem to like humans. Also, there is the fence to consider. I think it'll probably stay outside in the back, so I'm not sure if I can lure it up to the front of our house to make it easier to catch.

Any ideas?
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Finally bought the ferrets a new cage - a blessing considering the one I have them is was made for a sick cat. I was convinced by many people far more knowledgeable about ferrets than I to get a Ferret Nation cage. I was won over by the fact that it's supposedly easy to clean. I have my doubts, but then again, I do about everything.

I've also been thinking of switching them over to a raw diet, or supplement their current diet with raw treats. Wysong seems like a good idea. I'm also probably going to try to get them off of their current kibble to a mix of 8in1 Ferret and Innova EVO ferret food. I should make the switch now before I have to buy a whole new bag of their current kibble. The only problem with these kinds of changes is that they tend to be expensive. Better to do it now, however, so help calculate a decent budget. Don't want the little guys to be left in the dust of my very meager budget!

Then, a new car! Well, new to me, at least. I'm going to start thinking seriously about what it would take for me to afford a gently used car. *sigh*


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