Sep. 21st, 2009 07:14 pm
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There's something deeply satisfying about pouring freshly brewed tea out of a teapot made for one. Sure, it creates extra dishes to clean; but, still, deeply, deeply satisfying.

Now, if only I hadn't just burned my mouth on said tea, this would have been perfect.
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The Soda Bandwagon. I hopped off a month ago, hadn't had a drop since until Thursday. Now I've had one every single day since. I actually had the equivalent of four today. 9_9

Fail, Heather, fail. UGH. At least I can blame this on PMS. Now I have a hive on my arm to keep me company. That could be from dinner, though. Not too sure about that.


Today, while I was running some errands, I turned my head to look out my open window and I could have sworn I smelled the ocean. I'm sure it was just someone's pollution, but between the cool breeze and the perfect salty sea smell, I was instantly transported to an oceanside in my head.


Sep. 16th, 2009 05:36 pm
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Y'know what's awesome and fun and totally made of win?

Waking up at the exact time you need to leave the house. That's true awesomely awesome fun made of win right there.


Sep. 12th, 2009 02:11 pm
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There is no universe in which eating week old icing from a cake while cleaning up the kitchen after a bowl of tuna salad is a good idea. Blerg.
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So, in my head I have three stories running around, nipping at me at odd times. In my job search, I've been using a small hard cover note book with a pen holder courtesy of Cox Business Services, which has proven invaluable not only in terms of keeping job info handy, but just being there when I get bitten by the creative bug.

Not only does it have hastily scrawled notes and interview questions/answers, it also has random journal entries written while sitting in metro stations or parking lots either going or coming from interviews, strange, messed up, out of proportion drawings of people and things as well as some fairly decent stuff like the one of Valerie I just did without my glasses on. (She's got this look like, "You know what happened to me, I know what happened to me, but they don't, so write it down now before you forget. Bitch.")

I'd say, at most, only fifteen pages, front to back, are written on. Not much, really, just little bits of fun ideas amongst the serious ones. One story hasn't made it in there at all and I can already feel that story slipping away. One story was born in this book. One story whose characters that had been floating around my head for awhile has pieces of it strewn through out.

The first story, which would require massive amounts of research into both Catholicism and conservative America, would look best if done in the manner of manga - black and white, emotions laid bare not through words but through expression, cinematic not only visually but in scope. I can imagine it easily both as a graphic novel or as an animated feature.

The second, would look best if done in the style of superhero comics vis-a-vis Marvel or DC. Bright flashy colors, words everywhere, people talking talking talking all the time instead of just being. Loud, flashy conflicts, crazy characters, straight lines, even edges, episodic.

The third story, in a strange twist, would be neither a graphic novel nor a comic book. It'd just be to paperback, mass market book, book. Hell, it even features male protagonists! It's the antithesis of every creative thing I've thought of in the past two years. All of my stories have included female protagonists - Lynn, Anna, Valerie, Charity, Ildri (that's a lot of "ee" endings) - and male secondary characters.

So, why, in God's name, do I have more written for the thing that's just a friggin' lark!?

Fuck this shit, I'm going to bed.


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