Apr. 12th, 2009 03:12 pm
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Just finished watching the first episode. I have to say, I rather enjoyed it. A couple of points though:

* Almost all of the cops were white men, except for one! ONE! Female black detective. That just seems really strange to me considering they are in LA.

* Dude, was Ben's teacher in a gay bar at the end of the episode? If so, that would be pretty awesome. I totally think he was, but I might be wrong. But the bar tenders were wearing sleeveless wife beaters and there were no women in the bar. Hmm.

* I have to say, I don't really care about the detectives. I'm far more curious about the uniformed cops that the detectives. We already have a whole bunch of detective shows. Let this be the one show about uniform cops.

* I hope the next episode will dial down the whole "I Know More Than You so Shut Up and Deal Rookie" thing next episode. I'm all for older, wiser/younger, greener partnerships, but (what the hell is his name?!) Ben's teacher was kinda annoying.

* Also, all of the uniforms were blonde except for the guy who got shot, which also seemed really weird to me.

* Why did some of the detectives have southern accents? They're in CA not GA!
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So, like, I've finally managed to catch SPN...ON THE SEASON FINALE. XD I had absolutely no clue what was going on (beyond all of the stuff they spoon-fed us, cuz, c'mon, it wasn't THAT hard to figure out) but...I may actually try to watch it again next year.

After I buy Season 2 DVDs and CATCH THE FUCK UP. Hah.
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It amazes me how you can tell a person that you're going to a movie store and that you'll be gone for over an hour and that they don't understand that there is a REALLY GOOD CHANCE that you'll want to WATCH THE MOVIE when you get home and wait until you get home to monopolize the TV by playing video game.



Jun. 13th, 2003 11:30 pm
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Dammit! They soooooooooo could have Jonas Quinn and Daniel Jackson on the same damn team! (I mean, don't they REALIZE the SLASH POTENTIAL???)The original team had FIVE members, so what's the problem now???? Grrrr. Dislike for Daniel increasing.

For those who don't know, I just saw the two hour season premiere of Stargate: SG-1, plus Stargate: The Lowdown (which was pretty damn funny BTW), and, honestly, I liked it. I liked the whole story, especially considering the whole Star Wars angle on the whole thing. It was a little predictable, but, hey, it wasn't all that bad. Hell, I even liked the preview they had for next week. (Which I think I'm going to miss, I hope to hell they tape it or it's on a later time tonight...)

And I'll be honest, I really did like Daniel in this incarnation. The ascension thing was interesting, but he was still a whiny-bitch (thus my hatred for Jack/Daniel slash, it's just way to damn predictable, like Jim/Blair slash. Ugh.). Jonas Quinn was, like, fifty times better (OK, so I'm exaggerating, but, I mean COME ON, didn't anyone else find Daniel annoying?), he followed the rules/command, was brilliant enough (going on stuff already done by DJ), and apparently has some type of phsyiologic anomaly about him. All of this is way cool, even if he is a little "Gary-Stu"-ish. Besides, it made for some really interesting slash potential, mainly Jack/Jonas. Of course, I'd slash Jack with anyone if I could figure an angle (but beyond Daniel, a pairing I DESPISE with UNHOLY PASSION, I could never figure out one), so none of it is really feasible. Until Jonas. And watching this premiere, a little spark was there b/w Jack and Jonas...along with Daniel and Jonas. Those two really kinda hit it off, and all the little looks they gave each other...ah, the possiblities. (Unless I'm being completely delusional, which is quite possibly the case.)

Of course, my dislike of Daniel could be because of the way he is generally portrayed in fanfiction. Either he's the guy who is a really, really whiny-bitch (mainly Jack's bitch, thus portraying my favorite character as a moronic NEANDERTHAL, when the man *has* to *have* SOME schooling to make it to COLONEL [dumbasses]) ~or~ he's "Super-Daniel" or a Daniel-Stu (something that's just so far from the norm, that he's not even Daniel anymore). He can save Jack's ass with a weapon expertly fired when he's never practiced with it in his life, leap tall buildings in a single bound without his glasses and still manage to get over it without hitting the damn thing, spout information about obscure ancient CHINESE cultures (which only true enthusiasts of the ancient Chinese cultures would know) when his specialty is EGYPT! He can translate Swahili without ever cracking a damn book or even learning the LANGUAGE! My God, the man is AMAZING! I want to have his baby RIGHT NOW!

*urge to kill fanficcy Daniel Jackson rising* Must...control...fist...of...death... Thus why I hate Daniel Jackson. While most of what I've said was just pulled out of my ass in respect to exactly what he can do (like I don't think it was Swahili, I think it was like some Native American language or something), I've seen all of those characteristics in stories. All of them. So, yes, I do not like Daniel Jackson. (I also really dislike the whole Jack/Sam(antha for those who don't know), again it's too obvious. If you're going to give me het, give me somehthing strange and out there like Jack/Janet [wait, I don't think that's so strange...])

Ok, ok enough with ranting about why I don't like Daniel. I'm pretty sure I've bored you enough...


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