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Things have been hella hectic around here recently. On 10/30, the family (my parents, brother, aunt, uncle, their kids and a friend) went to King's Dominion Halloween Haunt. I lucked out and my work was selling tickets for half off, so we ended up not having to pay $60 per. It was a lot of fun, but, seriously? I don't getting there when it opens at 10 am and leaving at 9:30 pm. That is just way too long. Although, we were able to ride some of the coasters with no real lines by going that early, so maybe going at 10 and then checking out for a couple of hours at a nearby hotel and going back for the evening stuff would be better.

Anyway, I did ride the Intimidator 305. Let me say, right here, right now: I LOVE roller coasters. LOVE THEM. I delight in climbing into their cars and strapping myself in. I won't say there isn't a single coaster I won't ride because the one where you stand the entire time has no appeal, but there are very few that, well, intimidate me.

And so it was with the Intimidator 305. I climbed in, strapped in, and got ready for an amazing right. And I was doing fine the entire 305 foot climb the apex, which is an 85 degree angle drop. We start going down! I scream! I...black out!? WHAFUH? Yes, y'all, I blacked out on the I305. I climbed out of that thing crying and moaning, "oh my God" over and over again. Now, I just need a t-shirt for that - "I blacked out on the Intimadtor 305!" It'd be epic.

The scary stuff later that evening wasn't so scary, but whenever you do that kind of thing, go with someone who is easily scared by it. It makes the experience that much more scary and weirdly more hilarious.


The following weekend, Karlene came for a visit to our nation's capital. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet up with her until after work on Friday, though she came in Thursday evening. And I had to finagle my way to get out early. So I spent a long, funfilled weekend wandering around, and getting lost in, the fun bits of DC. I also was able to meet up with Liz L. and Monique and Karlene's awesome friend Jen. We had a long, strange conversation on the ride home about the shitasticness that is Kaiser Permanente and the awesomeness that is hockey (hockey is awesome, why did no one tell me sooner?)


After two consecutive weekends of fun! Fun! FUN! I was unable to get back onto a regular exercise schedule. As such, I'm once again trying to slog through Week 6 Day 2. But, I actually looked forward to running today which is a switch from the past two weeks were knee/shin pain was making every attempt at run a misery. I didn't complete this workout, but considering the almost month long lapse in actual exercise, I'm counting today as a win anyway.

Except for the bit where a dog charged at me from her doorway, growling and "boofing" (not straight up barking, she was growling too much for that). I now understand why runners fear dogs. It's down right scary to have a large animal run up to you growling. I, being the brave soul that I am, came to a screeching halt. Yes, literally. I waited until the owner had her attention and then I bolted. Yet another street marked off my mental map of my neighborhood. *sigh*


Robin Hood was diagnosed with irritable bowl syndrome and I once again have a ferret that will be on medication for the rest of his life. At least this isn't fatal? *double sigh*

Farragut North has rings on his tail! Two of them and the very tip is dark gray so it could almost be considered the third. He's the cutest little thing.

I need to get pictures of them up soon.


Copenhagen/Stockholm/Oslo world wind tour 2012, y/y? Who needs stinkin' London Olympics!
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My phone died. I've only had it for, like, five months. (I had to replace my iPod Touch after six and my new one is dying [after almost four months]). I'm hoping that being on the charger will resurrect it, but I doubt it. At least it's under warranty...?

And of course, I didn't save my contacts list, so that's now gone too. I'll get my old contacts list from my old phone which is only five months out of date, but you may see an email requesting updated information soon.

But seriously, why does technology hate me? I mean, I can't even wear nice watches! They never keep time correctly unless it's a digital face. And trust me, purple plastic is not always the most appropriate of accessories. Neither is a skull and crossbones, but at least that watch band is black leather. (And that one never died on me, maybe I should wear it more often).


In other news, I will once again be making my pilgrimage to Williamsburg for the Candlelight Concert at Bruton Parish in Historic Williamsburg. As always, it's the second Thursday of the month (12/9 this year), and I usually go down to Virginia Beach as well Friday evening or Saturday morning.

No arrangements have been made as of yet re: hotels and such, so my plans are a little flexible, but I'd love to see everyone while I'm down there! :)


I've been thinking (very idly) of making a blog called "Running on Concrete." Mostly because a) you shouldn't run on concrete, b) my body is retarded and doesn't like to run on anything but concrete and c) Running on Concrete is an awesome title. This will probably never come to fruition, but I still wanted to name to get out there. It's been percolating in my brain for weeks.

I'm now currently on Week 6 of the C25K program. After getting over the mental road block of Week 3, Weeks 4 and 5 were a breeze (even the 25 minute run). But now that I'm back to intervals on Week 6, I'm once again finding it difficult to push through the exercises. I actually gave up half way through Week 6 Day 2 today (5 min warm up, 10 run, 3 walk, 10 run, 4 min cool down). I'm blaming the weather (cold, dreary, cloudy, yucky) for today, but there will be no excuse for not getting through it on Friday.

To keep me motivated through the winter, I'm planning on signing up for a 5k run in the spring. This means, of course, that I actually have to be able to run a 5k by the time spring rolls around. Now, I just have to find a 5k in the area (not that that will be difficult at all) and convince myself that, no, really I want to do it. And then not wuss out at the last minute.

C'mon, it took me four years to get to the point of running in public. It may take another four just to get me to the race. I may always be late to the party, but at least I usually show up.

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If pain is your body's way of saying, "Don't be an idiot," then my body right now is screaming, "Heather, you are a moron!"

Let's back this up a bit.

Four weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to actually not be a fat slob anymore. The only difference between this time and all other times that predate this time is that I *gasp* followed through. After a week of walking, I remembered a previous desire to learn how to jog properly. Thus I searched through my dim memories (this was almost four years ago), and recalled a program that I had seen online. And then I found it - the guide to help ease your way into exercising.

C25K or Couch to 5K. It's interval training to get an absolute novice (aka me) into running roughly 5k (or jogging for thirty minutes or so straight) within only 9 short weeks. Three weeks in I can tell you one thing - it's not going to take me nine weeks. It is most definitely going to take much, much longer than that.

I'm currently on week three which includes intervals of the following:

5 min warm up (I usually stretch at some point during this time)
90 sec jog
90 sec walk
3 min jog
3 min walk
90 sec jog
90 sec walk
3 min jog
4+ min walk (cool down)
I usually stretch once I get home before I wash up

The other two weeks it only took four tries (that's only one additional try per week) to get through the whole routine without a) stopping or b) wanting to kill myself. For some reason, however, this week is kicking my ass. I don't know if it's a mental thing and I'm balking at jogging for three minutes straight twice in one work out or if I'm just over exerting myself trying to get to the track faster (I walk there, and it takes me about eight minutes to get there, but I don't want to stretch until I get there because there's a convenient fence to use as a hold, so I can't start the program until I get about three minutes away...) or what.

The first time through it wasn't too bad, I choked on the last five seconds (sudden cramp in my right Achilles tendon) of the last 3 min jog and then a long limp home. Today's issue, which is only the second attempt, I got a massive stomach cramp that moved from my left side to my right side and I still had an eight minute walk home. I want to be able to get through the whole thing with no issues on Friday, but it may or may not happen. I made it through week two without needing an extra day, but I think I'll have to have it this time.

I have to say, though, I'm enjoying this jogging thing much more than I thought. There was a time, for a glorious minute in a half where I stopped thinking about what my body was doing and just let thoughts drift through my mind as they would. No conscious effort to think about anything in particular or to run. I hope that I'll be able to achieve that level of contentment with all my runs in the future, no matter how long those moments my last.


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