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Today while at Border's (not finding anything I actually set out to get) I picked up two books pretty much randomly from the by one get one half off table. The first one I read, a novel by Carrie Adams, was The Godmother.

The premise of the story is pretty simple: a single, thirty-something career woman who wants nothing more than to be married with kids and her trials and tribulations with her godchildren (she has four) and their families. It's the "trials and tribulations" part that made the story complicated.

As soon as I started reading I tore through the chapters. I devoured each one, gleefully laughing with her and mournfully crying for her. I couldn't put it down, Tessa King was bright and interesting, selfish as hell but unable to see it, and her life was spinning out of control. And she was taking her friends down with it.

I made it through three fourths of the book in about three hours. I would have continued on until the end if it there hadn't been the cry for dinner. So I left the book where I was and the story had time to percolate within my brain for the better part of three hours. (Odd coincidence, but there you go.) And when we got back, I immediately picked it up and continued on.

I don't know if it's because I had time to think about it or if the last quarter of the book just wasn't as well written as the first three, but it was much much slower going after that. Suddenly, I found I didn't like the characters as much as I thought (there were a lot to try to keep track of...four couples, a couple beaus, a bunch of children, a single mom, a single party-only friend, and various family members). There were a lot of tragedies going on that were hard to keep track of too: Fran's infidelity; Cora's ongoing health problems; Al and Claudia's infertility issues; Helen and Neil's marriage problems; Casper's teenage issues...the list goes on and on.

Though the story line was complicated, it wasn't unpredictable which is unfortunate. Unpredictability would have made the latter portion of this novel a much more interesting read. I saw Helen's actions coming from the moment she and subsequently her husband and children were introduced despite the Tessa's own ignorance to the desperation that Helen showed. Also, for a lawyer, Tessa wasn't exactly brilliant - or inquisitive, which I thought would have been a good attribute for a lawyer.

The four couples that she was friends with were absolutely necessary for the plot of the novel as they had for the most part what she thought she wanted. Billy, the single mom, was almost entirely superfluous, as was her daughter and Tessa's goddaughter, Cora. You could make the case that she was there to show Tessa what it was like to be a single mom which is important in that tricky last part of the novel, but it felt like she was an afterthought for the author and thus an afterthought for Tessa. I think this novel would have been well served if she hadn't been there or if her part had been altered to a bit part.

Another thing I didn't really like about the end of the novel was how preachy it became.
"Marriage is hard, it takes work, don't do drugs, single life is hard," etc. etc. etc. It felt like one long winded sermon at the end of it which I did not appreciate.

Maybe if I hadn't been taken away from that world for a few hours I could have sailed through to the end with little problem with how it ended. Maybe I wouldn't have liked it either way. Maybe maybe maybe. I don't know. I do recommend giving this one a try if you happen to see it your local library or can pick it up cheap - I wouldn't recommend paying full price for it. Since this is a debut novel, I think we can expect better things from her in the future. The excerpt of her next novel, The Stepmother, was intriguing, but it looked like it was going to cover much of the same ground this novel did just from a different angle. We'll see.
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I woke up this morning feeling like someone had punched me in the left kidney. Now, as I am not in the habit of going to bars, much less getting into bar fights, I couldn't fathom why this could be. It faded a little bit after awhile, but throbbed gently through most of the day.

Also, my hands shook quite violently from about 11-1 which is the point when I managed to finally get something to eat. The jittery feeling still hasn't left, really.

But enough about my general (un)health. I recently read a novel called Darcy's Story (about, who else?, Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice) which was quite good and intriguing all the way up until the very end when they started confessing to each other. After that point it just generally got teeth grindingly irritating and I had to put it down probably never to be picked up again. Unless I decide to read the last chapter, of course. Missing all of the annoying lovey-dovey, smoopy, fluff that killed my enjoyment of it, of course. Liz and Fitz are a far more interesting couple when they hate each other. Or when Fitz is being all Emo!Fitz.

I'm slowly dipping my toes back into the ocean of books and I'm glad I have historical fiction to ease myself back in. There was a list of HistFic at the back of Darcy's Story that was really intriguing. On it was a novel told in the POV of the Jane Eyre's charge while she was working with...damn, the name's escaping me. It'll come to me eventually. I'm really excited to find that one as Jane Eyre is one of my favorite novels of all time, hands down. Rochester! That was his name...now what what the girl's name? Madeline? Hmm...All I remember was that it was French.

Anyway, yes. I'm slowly getting back into the habit of devouring every book in sight. I'm planning on making a book run soon, as my last book run only produced d.Gray-Man vol...5? 4? The newest one! Pride and Prejudice (which I still can't get through, but I promise you I will! Someday! maybe?) and Darcy's Story. With Father's Day coming up, I'm sure that I'll make it to a bookstore.

Nothing too terribly exciting going on here at the moment. Well, the thunderstorm was quite thrilling and I have missed them terribly. I love this time of year for precisely this reason: awesome thunderstorms. I'm really glad I didn't have to drive in it though, because that would've sucked. It's supposed to storm again tomorrow night, so maybe I'll sit outside and watch.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen any lightening bugs in the trees yet. Have they come out? I wonder...this year I'm going to take a picture of them twinkling in the trees like Earth born starlight.

EDIT: Got a response from my Dr. K about the hand shaking - hypoglycemic episodes - need to have regular and frequent meals. How come this is only starting now?
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*dances around the room joyously* I got Harry Potter today! I got Harry Potter today!

[livejournal.com profile] slashgirl I *swear* I will reply to your reply...er...soonish...maybe tomorrow??

But I got Harry Potter~! Wheeeee!!

*runs to read it*


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