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I was just commenting to Carrie that I only seem to get job offers when I either a) already have a job or b) am looking at a job that would take me far out of the area.

I have interview tomorrow, a submission from a recruiter to a hiring manager at another company, the company I interviewed with two weeks ago, an email from another company waiting for reply, and now, my name has been certified to a selecting official to work at the EEOC.

Jesus Christ. Where were these people two months ago?
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Harrrrmmmmm....*thinks* Well, I've come to the conclusion that I do like the weblog like style of LiveJournal, I'm far to attached to the template that I have at diaryland.com. So, I'm going to keep both! ^_^ Although, I may end up paying for a LJ account or something, I don't know yet. I'll pay for one of them. Heee.

So yeah. Heather now has an LJ account. Heather has Absolutely No Idea what she's going to do with it at this point. I'll come up with something later. mweh. I should probably go do some of my homework, laundry, or work on my art project (or hey, if I'm feeling especially industrious I'll do all three....naaaaaaaahhhh....). I think what will end up happening is me just going to take a nap.

On a much happier note, I learned today that I got an 'A' for my violin lessons. ^_^ Makes me a happy Heather to learn stuff like that (especially considering that I slacked all year.
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So Andrea Joy gives me a LJ code, and I figure, what the hey, I'll at least check it out...why does this seem, like three times as confusing as diaryland.com ? Wah....Andrea Joy I don't think I like this so much! T_T


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