Sep. 21st, 2009 07:14 pm
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There's something deeply satisfying about pouring freshly brewed tea out of a teapot made for one. Sure, it creates extra dishes to clean; but, still, deeply, deeply satisfying.

Now, if only I hadn't just burned my mouth on said tea, this would have been perfect.
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First, let me just say how grateful I am for your support, guys. I really do appreciate it.

Anyway, I have good news...and bad news. The good news: he breathing and eating fine on his own and he's much more active. When I was talking to the vet, every time she would say something he would crawl to the back of the cage and when I would say something he would come back. When she wasn't there he immediately crawled over and stuck his head down my shirt. I had a low cut shirt on and he stuck his head right between my boobs and refused to move. In fact, every time I tried to lift him up, he would shove his head down further.

He actually ate some hard food while I was there and someone from Ferret Attitude actually saw him at Pender last night and he was drinking on his own. He stills seems to be in some pain, but it doesn't seem to be as agonizing as it was before.

The bad news: there's some brain damage, how severe it is, we're not sure yet. The twitch that I've been seeing (and attributing to heaving breathing) is a result from the fever he spiked after the surgery. Basically, his ears twitch forward, his eyes blink, and he front paws and one back paw all twitch at the same time. The vet is not sure if he's having mini seizures or what. We're also not sure on the severity of the twitch as as it actually gets worse as the medicine wears off (they've been keeping him heavily sedated).

Another thing they're worried about is if he is peeing on his own or if it's just leaking out as the bladder gets to full. I'm concerned, but considering he actually did pee on me last night a substantial amount without any poking or prodding on my part, I think he should be ok in that area. Also, there is less blood in his urine and the vet took him off the steroids. The ER vet did say that he pooped, and that it didn't look good - very loose and dark, with a red tinge. He's now on amoxicilin and something to help coat his intestines, just in case there are some ulcers to worry about.

I left him at SEAVS instead of taking him to Pender because he looked well enough to be on his own for the night. If he gets really restless before she goes home, the vet did say that she would take him home so that he could be monitored (he tore out his IV twice while I was there, the second time there was a lot of blood involved).
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So the pathetic-ness that I felt when I ate a can of beanless chili for lunch was immediately super ceded by how delicious it actually was. Hmmm...spicy Hormel beanless chili...

Well, I registered for unemployment today through the VEC. While I highly doubt that I won't get unemployment benefits (as the only way to not receive benefits is either a) don't do what the VEC demands, b) lie on your application, or c) gross misconduct as reason for your discharge). I have to admit, that even though I know it wasn't my abilities, or because of something that I wasn't doing, or anything like that, I still feel like a giant failure for having to subsist on unemployment even for a little while. But that's just pride talking. Especially since the medical bills for me (and now the ferrets) are going to be racking up this next month.

Also, I did not know how much work it took to remain on unemployment benefits! You have to reapply every week to receive the benefits (after determination is made) and you must show proof that you have been actively searching for a new job. I was also told to register for Job Services! And you have to personally contact two employers every week and record the results of said contacts! And you must keep those records for a year! In case they ever decide to audit you! A normal person, desperately searching for a job should be contacting at least five times that many! In a day! And you have to keep a record of them! For a year! ARGH.

My own sheer laziness will get me a new job because that's just way too much work to remain on unemployment. How do people cheat the system? (No, don't answer, I do actually know how, it wouldn't be that hard. But, still. They can't find a job/keep a job, why exactly?)
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They fired me.

...I really would have liked to have it been my decision to leave.
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My maternal grandmother is in the hospital. I'm not entirely sure what exactly brought it on, but I do know that it has something to do with her heart. They want to do another bypass surgery. She's 89 years old.

I would love to go see her. There's just one draw back - my grandfather. He's an alcoholic and because of that he has made swiss cheese of his brain (literally). He's an absolute nightmare to be around. He's belligerent. Forgetful. Violent. The last time we were there, he tried to attack my aunt's children; Travis intervened and Grandfather hit him instead. He also demanded that Brandon get out of his house because he didn't know who he was. He was, as usual, drunk.

That was over three years ago. I have not been back since nor has the rest of this branch of the Herron clan.

I love my grandparents. I really do. But I don't know if I can ever go back again while he's still alive.
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The other day while at work, Travis im'd me saying that L. and A. were "crazy nutters." The reason? They don't believe that we had gone to the moon. Their reasoning? Because we never went back. (And somehow God was involved, but I didn't really catch that part and I didn't try to hard because the part I did catch didn't really make sense.)

So I posed the question to M. and the Prez and M. danced around the question (thus giving me the impression that she didn't believe it either) and the Prez asked a bunch of question where I couldn't figure if he was playing devil's advocate or if he really believe that we never went to the moon.

So, my appeal and question to the masses is: Do you believe that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon?
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My entire morning can be boiled down to: MOTHER-FUCKING RAMPS THAT MAKE NO INTUITIVE SENSE WHATSOEVER; THANK YOU, VDOT (A play in two parts) aka Why I Hate Living in Northern Virginia (and yet love it all at the same time).
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The other lady's insurance company wants to give me $250 dollars if I sign a medical release saying that I won't ever contact them again about medical issues regarding this accident. That would be $250 bucks for me spending $20 to see a NP and get some meds - and THE BEST SLEEP EVER for the time that I took the muscle relaxers (about a week).

Should I do it?


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