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Eight inches of snow and counting. We're expected to get something in the range of 15 to 22 inches before it's all over.

And I'm stuck here with a cold. And very little cold medicine. I slept for twelve hours last night and the cold and the wet make me want to sleep some more, but I think I'll stay up for a bit so my schedule doesn't get completely screwed.


Last weekend I went down to Williamsburg and Virginia Beach - Williamsburg to sing at Bruton Parish (which was lovely, if fraught with mistakes; I choked on some food two hours before the concert and had a catch in my throat the whole time) and I spent the night at the Lord Paget hotel. Sadly, I had a room next to Becky's and I got to listen to her bitch about everything that went wrong in the concert, bless her heart.

The next day I went over to Flo and Sam's and spent the day with Flo and Karlene. We hung about the apartment watching The West Wing (one of my favorite shows of all times), before we decided to head to the outlets. On the way home from the outlets we stopped at a ginormous Yankee Candle Store and managed to spend quite a bit of time there without actually sniffing their currently available scents. We did, however, take a look at their clearance room, the candy shop, the general store, and the year round winter holiday scene. It was built on the inside to look like a small village - I think it would be a fun place to go whenever it's really crappy outside just to have something bright and cheerful to go to.

After an amazing curry dinner cooked by Flo (which was awesome and delicious) we headed out to Busch Gardens Christmas Town (? - WETH it's called). That was fun, if a bit cold. My parents were there as well but we didn't actually see them while we wandered around. Turns out that in Germany you could buy real Wassail in a very lovely glass mug instead of just hot chocolate in a decent plastic one. Oh well. Very few of the rides were open, but Darkastle (which actually scared me, but it was a lot of fun) and the bumper cars were - something that I've never done before. So on that cold, wintry night I bumped people's cars and had an all around good time smacking the hell out of ten year olds in their vehicles. >:D

(Unfortunately, I did manage to hurt my neck to the point that by Monday I couldn't move my head well enough to drive safely, but still I had to go pick up my ferts and go to the dentist and finish shopping and then Tuesday was work and it was even worse until I remembered that I still had percoset and mega doses of ibuprofen from the root canal so I took some and by Wednesday it was much much better.)

After that we wandered around and saw the sights of the various countries. We watched the awesomely funny Tannenbaum show in Germany (I have no idea why we found it hilarious, but watching the lights on the tree and the surrounding areas was pretty funny). We drank our hot cocoa and listened to a man with an accordion sing Christmas carols, and took the train ride and all around had a good time. The last things we did were a) start a trend of standing on chairs next to the heat lamps and b) eat funnel cake. Sam apparently never had funnel cake before but since I made it to 25 without riding on bumper cars, I do not judge.

After that we went home to watch more TV until it was time for bed. (At which point I got a spectacular nose bleed, and Karlene had me shove q-tips up my nose and then she promptly laughed. Okay, it was pretty funny.) Once that was over, we went to bed, and I slept like the day.

Then Karlene and I drove down to Virginia Beach where we went on this tour of historical houses in the area. Karlene kept mentioning that she had never even knew that most of the houses were there. I didn't either, to be honest, but then I don't know much about Virginia Beach beyond that there's a) a beach, b) friends of mine live there, and c) Busch Gardens isn't too far. Unfortunately by the time were we getting close to done, my stupid digestive system kicked in and I started having a hypoglycemic attack. Flo's admittedly delicious breakfast did not tide me over and we missed lunch due to the tour. :( So, I was a bit cranky (sorry Karlene) by the end. And since some of the houses were privately owned, I didn't feel right taking pictures beyond the outside of the house.

After, I went to check in at my hotel then met with Karlene and Jessie to eat some Greek food. (It was delicious. I love Greek food and we don't have a Greek-only restaurant near me (it's Italian/Greek food), I'd have to go into DC, which just ugh, sometimes.) After an evening of good conversation and food, we all headed our separate ways and I went back to the hotel and watched a special on the wild pig/boar epidemic in the US before crashing hard. Goddamn I love king size beds. A drunk guy tried to get into my room that night and we lost power at some point, but over all it was nice experience.

When I woke up I took a walk along the board walk/beach for about fifteen blocks. My original intent was to go to the Old Coast Guard house, but that didn't open until noon, and I was to be having lunch with Jessie and Karlene, so I didn't get to see it. Oh, well, there's always next time. It was drizzling when I started my walk, and on the way back it was out and out raining, so I got a little soaked. I went back to the hotel to dry off and watch a show about the presidents of the US (when I got home Travis was watching the same special, which made me laugh) before heading out to lunch. If I have one complaint about Virginia Beach it's this - they know that they are at or below sea level in some places, why in God's name are their roads so damn prone to flooding? Shouldn't that have been a consideration when constructing them?

After a delightful lunch it was time to head home. Man, I wish I could see them more often. I need to make an effort to get down there at least once year. Maybe that'll be a life resolution, or something.


When I got to work on Tuesday, big developments happened in the office - Mark had quit, so we shuffled our desks around. I got his old desk, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it because I don't get as much work done back there. But it's nice to not have people walking behind me all the time (I hate that). We also had won a new contract, and I was one of the people who is included on that contract. My one substantive contribution was not to use the red folders (we're processing case work for the Wounded Warriors and instead use purple (i.e. purple hearts). The red would've been too gauche.
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Let me just tell you, Mac computers are just freaking awesome! Not only do they look very cool, they have great functions! I could spend all night playing around this computer instead of actually working on my Reading essay (474 words and counting, but I really need to start actually answering the question...). Although, I really do miss those neat keys like ALT+Tab, CRTL+C, right clicking...but other than that, these computers are great! I'd reccomend them to anyone who doesn't really care what type of operating system they use...

Anyway, the only reason I'm updating my journal is because I don't want to work on my essay anymore. I did really well iin the library, writing most of it before I decided that it was time to go to a computer lab to type some of it up. I first went to psych lab, but there were *gasp* people in there, so I decided that I knew enough about Mac's to get me by - I'm glad there wasn't anyone in here. There is now of course, because I just can't seem to get away from people tonight. *sigh* Oh well.

I really need to learn that working on comptuers doesn't actually mean that I'll get any work done. I knew I shouldn't have come to the comptuer lab yet, but it was just so depressing in the Library, and I couldn't concentrate. Not that I'm actually concentrating on it now, of course, but there is still hope. I've actually hand written another paragraph, I just need to type it up and think about the quesion to answer it.

I can't believe that I changed topics, tho'. I really didn't want to write about the first question for the application, which deals with idealism v. pragmatism of the US trying to force democracy on the rest of the world, I really didn't. But as I was sitting down and thinking about what I had to write for the second question, I realized the only things that were coming to my head were for the other question. Without even trying I had managed to write a page in a half about the topic I didn't even select! *grumbles* I'm really not trying to copy Karlene, it just seems like it. Besides, I know the angle she took on her essay, and am studiously avoiding that subject as much as possible.

It doesn't help that Anne decided to "put in a good word for me." I mean, yeah, it was very sweet of her, and I am grateful (sort of), but she made my essay out to be this great piece of work that I had spend months preparing. Which is an utter lie, as we all know, becuase I really only started writing it tonight. Now, I have to either live up to the expectations that she set for me, or completley dissapoint Dr. Irwin (not something that I want to do). Also, I would have liked to get in without that type of help from people. I wanted to get in on my own merits alone. Grawr. Anne, I love you, but come one, did you really have to do this? Now I'm all worried where I really wasn't before. If I don't get in, I think I'll be heart broken.

Although, I never expected to get into R-MWC, either, so maybe I still have hope. While I did place seventh in my high school class, with a 4.1 no less, my SATs were less than stellar, and money has alays been an issue for my family. With three kids now in college, it's hard to believe that I'm actually *here* and not in some state school like VTech or UVA.

I really wish I could have gone to the opening showing of RotK tonight. Denise is going, the lucky hobbit. She doesn't have a time restraint on when she has to leave like I do, so she gets to have a night off from worrying about exams. *chuckles* However, I think they're going to Roanoke to see it which is an hour away from here. For a three hour and fifteen minute movie, a two hour car trip means that they'll be out until five tomorrow morning. Makes me glad that I'm not actually going, for I have to take Goldman's CompPol exam if I want to take d'Entremont's American History exam Thursday morning. I have absolutely no earthly idea when I'm going to pack for the trip home. As I'll be gone for about a month, I'll need to take more than I took home for fall break. Why is exam week so stressful?

Hmmm...it seems like this computer is about to crash. Apparently I *can* crash a Mac computer...who knew? Anyway, I'll have to update more later.
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SUPERKARLENE: evil comp : )
blueherronflying: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvviiiillllllllll.....
blueherronflying: like the fruITS of the DEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeevvvvvvviiiiillllll.....
SUPERKARLENE: devil fruits?
blueherronflying: ?
blueherronflying: was this a bad thing?
blueherronflying: and yes, devil fruits. and fruits of the devil.
SUPERKARLENE: no, i was gonna post it too :-)
blueherronflying: bwahahahahahahah....
blueherronflying: heheheheheheheheheheheh.
SUPERKARLENE: ok, posted
blueherronflying: *evil laughter haunts the room*
SUPERKARLENE: are there christmas ghosts?
blueherronflying: *evil grin* maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyybeeeeeeeeeeee.
blueherronflying: heh.
blueherronflying: heh.
blueherronflying: heh.
blueherronflying: heh.
blueherronflying: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyybbbbbbee.
blueherronflying: Oh YES!
SUPERKARLENE: *flees screaming*
blueherronflying: i need SEX NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!
SUPERKARLENE: but.... how?
blueherronflying: do you really want to know? *evil grin*
SUPERKARLENE: that would be enlightening actually
blueherronflying: haven't we already had a discussion on this?
SUPERKARLENE: something about occupying pores or whatever
blueherronflying: nerves.
blueherronflying: not pores.
blueherronflying: *laughs*
SUPERKARLENE: whcih freaked me out, since my brother ended up saying teh same thing YOU did a few days later
blueherronflying: ^______________^


Dec. 10th, 2003 04:01 pm
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SUPERKARLENE: havent used netscape in ages
SUPERKARLENE: that's so 56k
SUPERKARLENE: did i just say that?
blueherronflying: LOL!
blueherronflying: yes!
blueherronflying: don't you feel nasty now?
blueherronflying: that's soooooooo 56k.
SUPERKARLENE: how come i always end up nasty when i talk to you, huh?
blueherronflying: must be my special charm!
blueherronflying: ^__^
blueherronflying: :-*
blueherronflying: just how i like it.
blueherronflying: *feels pervy*
SUPERKARLENE: if i ever make a list of awards to give my friends
SUPERKARLENE: you'd definitely get Most Creative Perv
SUPERKARLENE: or maybe Most Charming
blueherronflying: 8-) coo' man, coo'.
blueherronflying: i'm honored, actually.
blueherronflying: all those years not gone to waste.
SUPERKARLENE: speaking of perviness
SUPERKARLENE: my brother is on his way to CA right now
blueherronflying: how is this pervy?
SUPERKARLENE: my brother is pervy
SUPERKARLENE: in an odd, disturbing way
blueherronflying: oooohhhh.
SUPERKARLENE: while you're a benign, lovable, adorable perv
SUPERKARLENE: Vive la pervirence!
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When you watch a movie over and over and over again, you tend to catch details that your mind skipped over before (most likely because you were too busy drooling over Jack/Will slash tendencies....). Seeing as this is around the eighth time you've seen this movie, you realize you've missed out on one of the best lines in the whole damn movie. Watch:

*Jack and Will are standing over Gibbs, buckets of water in their hands. Jack throws his on Gibbs. Gibbs wakes up and shout something, before reconizing Jack*

Gibbs: My first love! JACK!!

*cue friend and you looking at each other and falling over in hysterics.* Now all you want is a fanfic written completely around this line. But you realize you'll never get it. *sniff*

Oh well. You still love the movie anyway.
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I feel like I haven't talked to anyone beyond my roommate in *days*. Days! *distress distress distress* This is what catering does to you. It takes you in and doesn't let go until you're sucked dry, your feet hurting, a cloud bogging down your mind, and all you want to do is either scream or sleep. Or both. And you know that if you do talk to someone that you know and like you'll end up just biting their heads off because you're so tired and frustrated and *angry*. It doesn't help that you're a closet control freak, especially considering that your mother has drilled into your head for many years that you always need to be your best at work.

Angry that you have stay for all hours of the evening. Angry at the rough treatment from the people you're catering for. Angry at the stupidity of your fellow "co-workers" even though you know you'll prolly make the same mistake later. But you finally get to the point where it doesn't matter; anything anyone does is just going to piss you off, no matter what. And you think that *that* is what makes you angry most of all.

As you try to hold in the shriek of frustration that has been building for hours, you finally manage to break away from catering, only slightly scarred this time. Shirt lose, knees bent to alleviate the strain on your throbbing feet, hair falling around your head messily, you climb the stairs back to your dorm and try to summon up the will to take a shower to erase the smell of kitchen off of you. Ultimately you decide that it isn't worth it and just flop into bed and before you go to sleep you have one single thought.

Catering. Sucks. Ass.

That being said, I just have one more thing to say: Brandy you suck. I hate you. Grah. Getting me into Shakira, what were you thinking? I *hate* pop! I mean, just because the songs are actually pretty good, with rather interesting lyrics, good beats, and a damn sexy voice, doesn't mean I have to like it. *pouts* Now see what you've made me do? Go all popular and crap that I thought I left behind a long time ago. I was from the table that didn't give a shit, dammit! ...and that means nothing to anyone, does it? Well, it'll be an amusing story for later, anyway.

And just to let you know, I really don't hate you Brandy. In fact, I luuu~uuurve you for letting me borrow your Shakira CD. *glomps*



Oct. 15th, 2003 01:16 am
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What an interesting evening. It's been raining here all day, so when the storm started about eight, I was really startled by the rain suddenly slamming into my window. I didn't realize it was so bad outside! As my roommate and I were making these observations to each other, the lights suddenly flickered, then died. Then came back. Then went away. Then came back to tease us for a second time before just giving up the ghost and turning off...for. Two and a. Half. Hours. During this time both me and my roommate need to do work for various classes so that we may make it through midterms with our grades fairly intact. So we abandon West to go to a place with light: Thoresen.

Good old Thoresen. I'll never make fun of you again. It was completely lit up, thank God. So we go up to the second floor and get a fair amount of work done. As the night progresses, Anne and I are joined by various people that also need to study and what not.

This is the point where I say that if we were at a state school, we'd not be studying, but drinking and we'd still be making straight A's anyway. Bleh.

Anyway, after an hour of working, Anne and I decide to take a walk to Moore to find out how Andrea Joy, Karlene, and Denise are doing. So we make it over to Moore and we run into Andrea Joy first, mostly because she lives on the second floor. After talking to her for awhile, we say goodbye and that we're going up to check on Karlene and Denise.

Suddenly, Andrea Joy says "Wait, you're going to see Karlene, right?"
Quietly she tiptoes to the elevator and says:
"Karlene! You have some visitors!"

Karlene had gotten stuck in the elevator! Oh my God! After a couple minutes of freaking out, I calm down enough to start talking to her. She was OK and managing to hold onto her cheerfulness, which was a good thing, because it's very hard to imagine a non-cheerful Karlene. Which makes her like a goddess or something, because no one, well, mortal could be so cheerful all the time. But, I'm judging by myself, and everyone knows that I'm not cheerful all the time. Heh.

Anyway, Karlene's up in the elevator, where it's stuck between second and third floors, just enough so that when we finally got the elevator door open, we could see her, but she couldn't get out. T_T So we gave her water and some more homework (cuz, wow, it must have been incredibly boring up there), and Anne and I got our homework so we could sit in the hall and keep her company.

It was rather amusing in that not really amusing sort of way...she kept getting ogled at like a lion in a zoo. Grr. Anyway, so she was up there the whole freaking time as no one could get her *out* of the elevator.

I guess I should say that at some point the fire alarm went off in Main hall, so they had to clear everyone out and check all of the rooms one by one to make sure that no one was still in there.

So, yeah, that was my interesting evening with no power. It seems that our classed is cursed or something. Last year we brought the snow in, and this year it's hurricanes and power outages. Who knows? Maybe next year will be flooding or tornadoes or earthquakes or something! ^_^ Wouldn't that be fun?

Damn me...

Oct. 10th, 2003 03:11 pm
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Excerpt from Karlene's AIM profile:


Heather made me watch Donnie Darko with her, a movie which features this sleazebag who goes on and on about how all our actions are motivated by Fear or Love. It's really nauseating. So I go to my Sociology class tonight, and we have a guest speaker.

Who goes on. And on. And on. About how all we do is from Fear or Love.

I sit in the front row, and my laughing and sputtering really didn't impress anyone... :-[

Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!! XP

Hehehehehehe....I just opened one of my folders into winamp and I have over fifty hours of music! In one folder, admittedly it's my biggest folder, but it's not the only one...heheheheh. I was just amused by this...


Sep. 14th, 2003 11:04 pm
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SUPERKARLENE: apparenlty people exist without those hangups!
blueherronflying: apparently.
blueherronflying: *shudder*
blueherronflying: the idea of drawing a penis that detailed, especially when erect.
blueherronflying: it's just really really gross.
SUPERKARLENE: on second thought, that might not be the best emoticon to use when discussing the erect penis
blueherronflying: LMAO!
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Karlene and I were discussing everything we could think of when this came up...

SUPERKARLENE: i saw it in your LJ, and had no idea how it fit into LOTR
blueherronflying: huh?
blueherronflying: saw what in my LJ and what fit in the what now?
blueherronflying: *confused*
SUPERKARLENE signed off at 11:24:41 PM.
SUPERKARLENE signed on at 11:24:42 PM.
SUPERKARLENE: you posted a picture
SUPERKARLENE: from Quizilla
SUPERKARLENE: stating your middleearth identity
SUPERKARLENE: you were part of the Ent race
blueherronflying: yeah...
blueherronflying: but what were you trying to say?
SUPERKARLENE: i never encountered an Ent in LOTR
SUPERKARLENE: what are they?
SUPERKARLENE: what do they do?
SUPERKARLENE: how do they fit in LOTR lore?
blueherronflying: the Ents are the big trees.
blueherronflying: they herd the forests and stuff. remember from the second movie?
SUPERKARLENE signed off at 11:26:08 PM.
SUPERKARLENE signed on at 11:26:51 PM.
*things of no relevence said here*
SUPERKARLENE signed off at 11:28:11 PM.
SUPERKARLENE signed on at 11:28:13 PM.
blueherronflying: soooo...Ents...
SUPERKARLENE: i dont see slash potential for ents
blueherronflying: LOL
SUPERKARLENE: i mean, for them, sex is probably a grafting
blueherronflying: ROFLMAO
blueherronflying: ENT SEX!
blueherronflying: GAY ENT SEX!!
SUPERKARLENE: like i said, grafting
blueherronflying: you are one sick sick puppy.
SUPERKARLENE: i meant it as a sarcastic comment, but apparently it brings you much joy :-D
blueherronflying: er..i just woke up my mom i was laughing so loud...oops. then i had to explain gay ent sex...
blueherronflying: #O.O#
SUPERKARLENE: she wasn't amused?
blueherronflying: how embarrassing to be explaining gay ent sex...
blueherronflying: er...no, i don't think she was...
blueherronflying: what brought on the comment about slash potentiability of ent sex?
SUPERKARLENE: i had just said the Remus/Sirius thing
SUPERKARLENE: and you mentioned Ents
SUPERKARLENE: and I thought "She wants me to think about Ent slash?"
SUPERKARLENE: then i figured you hadn't meant it that way
SUPERKARLENE: but thought it was funny anyway
blueherronflying: errrr....i guess i didn't get the comment on the Remus/Sirius thing...
SUPERKARLENE: you didn't?
SUPERKARLENE: here's what I have
SUPERKARLENE: SUPERKARLENE: i bet people start naming their dogs Sirius
SUPERKARLENE: i see major Sirius/Remus potential, btw
blueherronflying: soooo...Ents...

And that, my dears is how the slash potentiability of Ents came up, which lead to this really weird collaborative fanfic thingie that went on for quite sometime...


May. 13th, 2003 04:38 pm
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Now I'm annoyed. I had this really long post and by mouse stupidness, it's all gone. All of it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. *urge to kill rising* Although one good thing, I was talking to this guy I used to know, and I *think* he just asked me out. I think. I haven't seen and/or talked to this guy in like two years, so this could be a friendly thing. Although (and this is going to sound really, really sad), it would be my first date ever, and I think I would want it to be w/ someone I knew at some point in my life. He asked me to call him after 10 tonight so we can go see a guy we both know play in a band. Hrmarls.

Anyway, the real reason of this post, and hence the "Owies" title. I was sitting on the couch today trying to rewatch Slayers Next, when Terra, one of our cats, decides to jump on to my lap. Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem, beyond the fact that I'm allergic to cats (even though I love them soooooo). It was that I was trying to enjoy my lunch while watching Slayers, and my lunch consisted of BOILING HOT SOUP. She jumps up, I jump because I wasn't expecting it, and pour said boiling hot soup all over me (and the floor and the couch...). So now I have a huge burn going down the middle and on the right side of my chest. Owies T__T. I was nearly in tears, although, that could have been me being severely pissed at myself for doing it. I don't blame Terra, cuz she didn't knock the bowl over, I did. But still, ow, and whimper.

I also decided (this was yesterday) that it was finally time to *shudder* clean my room after about two to three years of waiting.

Big mistake. Gargantuan mistake. I managed to fill three trash bags in fifteen mintues flat. And that was barely the tip of the iceburg. I never realized how much stuff I had cumulated in my eighteen years of life. Even though I've moved numerous times, I sill managed to hang onto some really strange thigns. I found things that I forgot I ever had, and that makes me feel bad. I mean, surely there are people out there more deserving of this stuff than me! That's why I'm going to sell all of it at a garage sale this weekend and/or donate the clothes to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or some other charity, along with a lot of my old toys and books. Then I have to go through everything that I brought back from college and make it fit in my room. I swear upon all that's holy I'm not bringing nearly as much junk next year. I also realized just how much of a pack rat I am. I found just about all of my work I did in high school. Now *that's* sad. *sigh* Of course, cleaning my room means that right now my room is messier than it was before and that is saying a lot!! Now I really can't see the floor in my room. It's disgusting!! How did I live like this for so long?!?!?! And if my mother ever heard me say that she probably jump for joy and then tell me "I told you so." *sigh* Love you too, Mom. Although, to add insult to injury Tiger, Terra's son, jumped up a little later and promptly fell off scratching my leg in the process.

Recently I've been having odd dreams. The only one I remember with any sort of clarity was one I had two night ago. The only reason I remember it was becuase Professor Snape (but not Alan Rickman, I mean, it was Snape as in Snape in the movies Snape) it was was in it, as a teacher to this private high school that I went to (although it *wasn't* a "wizarding school"). I remember it was the middle of winter, there was snow on the ground, and that it was an old stone building. Miss Anne, Denise, Karlene, and Andrea Joy were there, but I think I spent more time with Miss Anne and Denise than anyone else. I remember, right before I woke up, Miss Anne, Denise and I were on the roof the school and I decided, pretty stupidly, to jump off the roof into the snow on the ground. This is pretty moronic because the building was three to five stories high at any given point. At least when Denise decided to go she had a sled. I just jumped, me. *sigh* I think it's partially because of the recent stress of finals and moving, along with the fact that I haven't been sleeping with my dream catcher lately. I do believe that dream catchers work becuase ever since I've had it, I haven't had one single nightmare or bad dream. I don't dream much at all, really. I also have the feeling that the dreams are important in some way, but I don't know why. I wish I could remember the details more clearly, but oh, well. I'm sure I'll figure it out at some point later.
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Well, I finished my last exam in 45 minutes today. I'm officially done with my first year. It's a relief to think that I'm finally finished. Tomorrow I'm going to pack and pick up my room/art portfolio/things I left up in Andrea Joy's room. Heeeeeee. I'm kind of regretting that I decided to stay here until Friday, but I think it's worth it. ^_^ I'll keep peeps company, like Karlene and Andrea Joy (and annoy my roommate at the same time, so it's all good). Heheheheh. I'm so evil.

But yeah, I think I'll relax tonight and jump right into packing tomorrow. Wheee! I'm almost home!!!
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Just came back from the thrift store and Macon Bookshop! Bought a book that was overpriced, but I figure that cuz it was signed it was worth it. ^__^ It sounded really really interesting. It was written by an alumn from Randy-Mac, and it's a war novel (sort of). Then we wandered off to the thrift store and bought two hair scarfs and silk PJ's for a dollar each.

Brandy got me a gift! She's sooooooo cooooooooool!!! Brandy ga DAISUKIIIIIII!!!!


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