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I was just commenting to Carrie that I only seem to get job offers when I either a) already have a job or b) am looking at a job that would take me far out of the area.

I have interview tomorrow, a submission from a recruiter to a hiring manager at another company, the company I interviewed with two weeks ago, an email from another company waiting for reply, and now, my name has been certified to a selecting official to work at the EEOC.

Jesus Christ. Where were these people two months ago?


May. 13th, 2003 04:38 pm
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Now I'm annoyed. I had this really long post and by mouse stupidness, it's all gone. All of it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. *urge to kill rising* Although one good thing, I was talking to this guy I used to know, and I *think* he just asked me out. I think. I haven't seen and/or talked to this guy in like two years, so this could be a friendly thing. Although (and this is going to sound really, really sad), it would be my first date ever, and I think I would want it to be w/ someone I knew at some point in my life. He asked me to call him after 10 tonight so we can go see a guy we both know play in a band. Hrmarls.

Anyway, the real reason of this post, and hence the "Owies" title. I was sitting on the couch today trying to rewatch Slayers Next, when Terra, one of our cats, decides to jump on to my lap. Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem, beyond the fact that I'm allergic to cats (even though I love them soooooo). It was that I was trying to enjoy my lunch while watching Slayers, and my lunch consisted of BOILING HOT SOUP. She jumps up, I jump because I wasn't expecting it, and pour said boiling hot soup all over me (and the floor and the couch...). So now I have a huge burn going down the middle and on the right side of my chest. Owies T__T. I was nearly in tears, although, that could have been me being severely pissed at myself for doing it. I don't blame Terra, cuz she didn't knock the bowl over, I did. But still, ow, and whimper.

I also decided (this was yesterday) that it was finally time to *shudder* clean my room after about two to three years of waiting.

Big mistake. Gargantuan mistake. I managed to fill three trash bags in fifteen mintues flat. And that was barely the tip of the iceburg. I never realized how much stuff I had cumulated in my eighteen years of life. Even though I've moved numerous times, I sill managed to hang onto some really strange thigns. I found things that I forgot I ever had, and that makes me feel bad. I mean, surely there are people out there more deserving of this stuff than me! That's why I'm going to sell all of it at a garage sale this weekend and/or donate the clothes to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or some other charity, along with a lot of my old toys and books. Then I have to go through everything that I brought back from college and make it fit in my room. I swear upon all that's holy I'm not bringing nearly as much junk next year. I also realized just how much of a pack rat I am. I found just about all of my work I did in high school. Now *that's* sad. *sigh* Of course, cleaning my room means that right now my room is messier than it was before and that is saying a lot!! Now I really can't see the floor in my room. It's disgusting!! How did I live like this for so long?!?!?! And if my mother ever heard me say that she probably jump for joy and then tell me "I told you so." *sigh* Love you too, Mom. Although, to add insult to injury Tiger, Terra's son, jumped up a little later and promptly fell off scratching my leg in the process.

Recently I've been having odd dreams. The only one I remember with any sort of clarity was one I had two night ago. The only reason I remember it was becuase Professor Snape (but not Alan Rickman, I mean, it was Snape as in Snape in the movies Snape) it was was in it, as a teacher to this private high school that I went to (although it *wasn't* a "wizarding school"). I remember it was the middle of winter, there was snow on the ground, and that it was an old stone building. Miss Anne, Denise, Karlene, and Andrea Joy were there, but I think I spent more time with Miss Anne and Denise than anyone else. I remember, right before I woke up, Miss Anne, Denise and I were on the roof the school and I decided, pretty stupidly, to jump off the roof into the snow on the ground. This is pretty moronic because the building was three to five stories high at any given point. At least when Denise decided to go she had a sled. I just jumped, me. *sigh* I think it's partially because of the recent stress of finals and moving, along with the fact that I haven't been sleeping with my dream catcher lately. I do believe that dream catchers work becuase ever since I've had it, I haven't had one single nightmare or bad dream. I don't dream much at all, really. I also have the feeling that the dreams are important in some way, but I don't know why. I wish I could remember the details more clearly, but oh, well. I'm sure I'll figure it out at some point later.


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