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Ever since Baby's death, I've been teetering on the edge of getting a friend for Vincent. In the hopes of getting on similar in age to him, I've been in contact with a local ferret shelter...who just cannot seem to get their shit together. I keep getting the run around and not answering my calls and getting no information and silence for weeks on end.

I want to adopt another ferret for Vincent. I want him to have a cage mate. I want another ferret because I think they are adorable and they bring me happiness. There are a ton a downsides to owning a ferret, but the goods are really fucking good y'know? Despite not being as many pros, the pros I do have are worth more than a few cons each.

But this shelter just...keeps living down to my expectations. I want to give a forever home to a ferret who needs it. For a lot of reasons, and not just because they've been abandoned. But this shelter and I cannot seem to get on the same page at all...and now that the pet store has little itty bitty baby ferts in need of a home, I kind of just want to...pick up two and give them a good home. So that they will never have to go through the process of being abandoned. :( But all the men folk are so dead set against it. I have to fight tooth and nail just to get an older fert as a companion for my Mister, and getting babies (no matter how adorable, and trust me they are so goddamned cute I can't stand it) would take a minor miracle.

Decisions, decisions.


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